A/An Omnibus of thoughts!!!

A lot of thoughts have been coming to my mind recently thought of writing somethings about some of them so lets see how do i fare writing about them


“With great Power come great responsibilties” all of us have heard this famous line by Spider Man(i guess!!) but most people dont ever think anything like this after getting powers or authorities which they may deserve. Right now the thing which disturbed me and made me think on these lines was a few mails on the students and all mailing lists of our college which can be clearly considered to be spams and now comes the part of power or authority… since they are the authority i dont think there would be nay filtering for their mails. I mean come on…their mails are directed only to a set of students and sometimes arent useful as such to anybody… just general mails but their mails come and hit evry bloody mailbox in the IIIT without no concern. I know i might be over reacting a bit but a tyrannic act by somebody has forced me to write this though i cant mention that act…

All of our lives we just keep talking about the importance of good friends in our lives and how life is just so empty without such friends and all those talks but is it really so?? Is it necessary to have good friends. We may have very high value of our friends in our lives but once we have to move away from them we just move ahead and leave them behind and they almost cease to exist in our lives and the people who matter more to us in the new friends in our lives but almost no set of friends are permanent they just keep coming and going. I had a great set of friends in school and always used to think that how will i live without the company of these people but i came to college and my life just kept going on and even in college though i spend my 24 hrs with the set of people and right now i cant think of spending a day without talking to them but i guess when i leave college i will surely leave this dependency too and move ahead… If i am wrong then some college passouts please tell me if its not so with them.. that is if they miss their friends with the same intensity as they used to when they had just left the college and the friend circle…

PS1:- “I am so Happy Coz today” i will be leaving to attend my cousin’s engagement.. 🙂 Will be coming back on 10th… so bbye blogosphere for 10 days….
PS2:- DB grades coming today (technically) or tomorrow(as i would like to say coz i havent slept yet) pray for me… 😛 and two frnds of mine… hope its better for them… God pls pls save them… pls pls….
PS3:- I have become so lazy in the hols.. doing nothing not watching movies, not writing blogs, not reading novels, not studying just wasting time but hell “i am loniv’ it” have to complete a tag by maruti…
PS4:- Random arbit post.. this was… but whatever….
PS5:- A/An in the title is because i am confused whether there should be ‘A’ or ‘An’ before omnibus. Help me out!!
PS6:- 3rd Ug2->Ug3 blogger blogging today after maruti n deepti OR is it deepti n maruti who carez.. 🙂
PS7:- Those assholes Australians won again.. Somebody tell them whats the pleasure of winning after losing.. they just do one thing … win win win and win
PS8:- Raman is coming into the blog world as stated by him in vaibhav’s blog.. now this has all the settings of a masala movie… i am waiting for this to happen with bated breath.. 😛

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PS(Pre-Script): Please please please even after reading this post dont change your opinion about my sanity if you thikn i am a sane person then dont let this post affect you.
    Its been many days since i have blogged but these holidays have made me so so lazty i dont do anything much these days excpet sleeping for i dont know how many hours and watching a movie a day (dismal by holiday standards for some but quite ok for me 🙂 ) and reading 20-30 pages of Anne frank’s Diary a day… how lazy i have become… 😦 I started writing a post on 22nd which was supposed to be two parts and was titled ” Happy, happy(er), happy(est)” but it kept on growing in length so abandoned it. So today i am gonna write on the title on which piyush tagged me to write. The title was “Proposal” i had written a comment on his post that i wouldnt write about my actual proposal but how i would propose a girl if i do it now… But i guess i should go on with my original proposal…
    So here it goes, this incident happened when i was in class XIIth and there was this girl in our class and we were (and are) very good friends but then i started getting attracted towards her and then some time later i realised that i had a crush on her but as each and every mortal i was afraid to tell her anything about that. It was around july end or something like that of our XII that i started feeling strongly for her but just tried to keep it all to me while thinking about her for hours on end.. 🙂 when i was alone… is it strange to do such things???
    Then one fine day some thing happened which forced me to go and propose her and tell her my feelings, the reason for that i am gonna disclose later so let me descibe the events and happenigs of that unforgetful day, the day when i first proposed a girl the date was 11th August .. not that i remember but i could find out coz of the reason i have not disclosed. I Still remember the setting of that day though not a word of what i said to her… I remember i asked her to stop after the school got over and there we were standing near the window  and the weather outside was cloudy. We stood at the side of the room away from the door at the front of class. I guess most people had left by that time. We were standing between the podium of the class and the table of the first row of the class.
    I told her whatever i felt as i said i dont remember what i said but i guess i would have said something like “I like you” and somethings more which i dont remember at all and now comes the most important part.. what was her answer!!!! Well… hmmm…. the answer was a NO.. and the reason which she gave was (waise i didnt ask for any!! good guy i am respecting her right to say no) that “himank we are good friends.. very god friends and i never thought about you this way and i think we should remain friends only” and some things.. as i said i dont remember it… it has been 4 years since then and thats a long time.
    One thing i appreciate and respect about her is that she didnt just give me a cold shoulder and continued talking to m in normal way which also helped me become normal and now she is among the best of my friends and we just rock… I also told her about a crush i had.. all in all i couldnt make her my girl friend but i sure made a friend for life.
    Now the reason which i havent disclosed as yet… is that i proposed to her on the day of RAKSHA BANDHAN ( the day it was celebrated in school… that is a day before the actual date ).. cozx i was afraid… what if she ties me a rakhi on the day… though this rakhi tying and all had ended by the time we got into class X but i decided to go on with this.. Now that i reflect back.. i think that was a reason for me to go ahead and propose to her. I think that this was the reason which gave me courage enough to go and tell her. Its easy to propose someone when you are not friends but its all the more difficult when you are friends and you dont want to lose the firendship with that person and thats the reason why i could actually tell the date of proposal. Today as i set about writing about the incident and am thinking about the day i just feel how so kiddish i was .. how could i even think of proposing a girl on the day of Raksha Bandhan of all days.. and that even too when i myself was thiking that she might tie me a rakhi.. but guess thats how i am.. Implulsive,Irrational.. 🙂


Other things… 22nd April was a great day for me two people about whom i wrote in my last post Abhinav Bhai and Sunshine  Both seemed to recognise my blog on the same day. I woke up in the morning to see the post on sunshine’s blog which talks about me.. Now this is as big as it can get for my blog… coz i seriously have admired her writing for so long and then in the noon i got a comment from Abhinav bhai… about whom i once wrote that he was my blogging God and he does rock for sure. It was like getting recognition from two people who are my idols in blogosphere… 🙂 Can i be more happy than this???

Since this was a tag post so i also tag

1. Pati Sir (since you are back to non geeky posts…)

2. Ankit Garg (High time you wrote something andmove to wordpress)

3. Maruti (i know you havent done it but had to tag you)

4. Namrata ( Dont tell you have never done it…  just let your creativity run wild)

5. Vibhav (gave you a new topic to post on your new blog)

And please ppl… if you havent then write how you would propose…. if you do in near future…

PS1:- Did a little work for the project today just thinking part mainly.

PS2:- NZ lost to Sri Lanka 😦 now just pray that SA doesnt lose out to
Aus. then the two teams i have been rooting for will be kicke out.. 😦

PS3:- I am so much looking forth to 30th April, i will be going to my cousin’s engagement… 🙂

LIFE ROCKS these days… 🙂

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Finally finally i reached the landmark, i broke the barrier of post count in 2 digits now my post count has reached a whole new level… now i am a centurion… Yup yup yup this is my 100th post finally i am in an elite list which very few people are able to make into. Yes i know i am doing it too much but … hell its special this time 100

This post is going to be a retrospective (dont know whether i should use the term here or not) post and i am gonna boast a bit so all you people who have other important things to do in your life except readig about the blabbering of a guy who has got nothing to do in his summer holidays then you are most welcome to leave the blog right at this instant instead of cursing me later for having made you read somthing which might look like a pile of shit to you .. 🙂

Its been a long time since i started blogging on a regular basis actually it must have been about a year coz i remember started writing about the end of my first year courtesy these two fellows Abhinav, an IIM-C graduate right now in Bangalore and Sunshine a bengali babe now in Seattle (hope she is not sleepless… 🙂 fatta 🙂 )whose writings inspired me to start reading and writing blog… and both of them are friends in personal life too.. 🙂 Actually got the link of Sunshine’s blog from Abhinav’s blog

All through my school life my writing was never ever appreciated by any of the teachers and during my 11th and 12th i was constantly bordering on the failure cut off marks (which was 60% in our school) and managed to fail once in my 11th final exams all in all my english was pretty ordinary before i came here (I dont proclaim that i have become Shakespeare of sorts but ya my english has improved considerably)and i never thought that i will be able to write anything in my life that i can make others read except for my English teacher :P.

Then one fine day i started blogging and i am quite proud of myself that this is one thing that i have been able to continue for such a long duration (ofcourse two more things which i also started at almost the same thing have been able to pursue them too but they are a different matter). This is one thing which has given me much happiness over the last one year sure it feels good when someone comments on your work. It never hurts if your work is being appreciated. Some of the comments about my blog are etched in my memory 3 of them i wanna write here two of them are from my friends and one is from a complete stranger whose name was Ankita and surname i never knew coz she scrapped me about my blog and her name always used to be something like “Ankita – the technocrat” “Ankita – the *” actually she came to know about my blog when i posted the link in a post of some community but it felt nice to hear good things from a stranger about your blog.
So the comments were
Once Raman my friend told me “Tere purane posts aur abhi ke posts ki language mein to rat din ka fark aa gaya hai ” 🙂 Anybody happy???
Then one fine day Karan, the guy who has one of the best english in our batch buzzed me and told me that my english had improved quite a lot and he thought that “ You could have got a A if you did it now” (waise FYI i got a B in English -I)
Then this Ankita(whom i mentioned above) scrapped me and told me that “you write very well and ” Now hold your nerves because what are going to read is gonna make your eyeballs pop out of their sockets and so she said “You can be the next Chetan Bhagat in making”now if something can be defined as the reason of making someone fly in the air then this comment completely fits into that category . Actually i had written a funny post about an incident with a girl which must have made her give such an observation. Hey ankita if you ever read this then scrap me back.. you are lost in some other universe i guess.
Then there have been various comments on my blog saying that “this was a great post ” and i “wrote very well” and people i cant say how much i value your compliments but frankly speaking i value comments which say about the post more…

One ability which i think i seriously lack is the abilty to write something creative I cant write fiction i cant just go on and write something which is the result of my mind’s creativity . I can just report the things which happen around me and one thing which i feel i am able to do is express my emotions and feelings (i dont know whats the difference between the two).

Some of my favourite posts (Sorted by date) :

1) An escapade with a girl – First post of mine which gained popularity
2) EK ladki Anjani Si – Sincere apology to a friend
3) Missing didi on Rakhi – Do i need say more??? dedicated to my sister
4)Truck Ride at 4:00 am – Just goes to say how much fun we have 🙂
5) Girls -Couldnt stop myself from including the post in the list after readingthe comments in the post..though i am always rebuked for writing toomuch abt girls
6)Teachers – A post about the people whom i respet the most
7) Mother – My greatest source of strength
8 ) Love can i get what it is – My philosophy about the enigmatic word
9) He does it again – Another post about the God.. Like it coz i could capture his achievement in my own words 8)

10)Chhoti chhoti batein – Dedicated to happy moments of my life

Had to delete this post about Sachin- the God from the list to confine the sizeof(list ) =10 🙂
Some more things :
My happiest moment related to the blog
My longest post though this one is fast catching on with it in term of size
My longest comment

PS1:- Enjoy the hols while you can coz these are gonna end soon.. 😦
PS2:- When will we get single rooms
PS3:- Cant wait to go to my cousin’s engagement… I am waiting for you 30th April
PS4:- CVIT guys getting fucked 4 hrs of class a day and to top it assignments daily
PS5:- This is the first constructive work which i have been able to continue without any pressures to do it.

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Boy -> Man – II & UG4 farewell

I think some of the readers of my blog might remember me writing a blog eons ago on almost the same title. In that post i had posted a query about when a boy grows up and becomes a man and i had some ideas but on the whole i was a confused brain not able to decide that when can u start calling a male man instead of boy. Wont say that i found an answer to that question but found an answer some what related to the question. I got the answer to when a person can think of himself as a man and this answer came to me courtesy my friend with whom i was chatting.

Actually i was talking chatting with my friend about a problem i was facing and i was getting no solution to the problem and i was cribbing and all and saying some shit and constantly telling my friend that i know what i am doing is not right but i cant force myself to do the right thing though knowing that this could land me up in trouble and leave me a sad guy after i have faced the consequences and then my friend told me “Look himank this is not the way… you have to grow up…its high time and will be good that you realise” and at that point realisation dawned upon me like a ray of light and its then that i realised what being a man is and if i can duplicate the words i told my friend ” I guess today i realise what being a man is ” so to quote my words again they were being a man is ” something like being mature enough to solve your problems on your own and doing what is right even when it seems difficult to do it” and that was it. The definition of being a man dawned on me.

Now that i know what being a man is I can surely say that i am not a man yet i am just a young boy because even after knowing that what i was doing was wrong i am still gonna do it.. :p


With all due regards and respect to my seniors, the informal function of the UG4 farewell sucked.. All of us UG2 guys went to the function with high hopes and hoping for a repeat of what happened last year when it was an enjoyable affair but this time we were utterly disappointed.. 😦 Dont know what happened to the UG4 guys.. agreed the speeches by IV sir and Mangla sir were good and the constant IV..IV.. were good but the informal session was devios of the entertainment… I should stop now before UG4 guys get an oppurtinity to beat a guy just before graduating out of this college…

PS1:- Was supposed to be a long post containing many things but dont feel like writing more
PS2:- Holidays started.. 🙂 Its too boring 😦 but atleast we are free 🙂 SO hols rock…
PS3:- Finally 4th sem ended.. 🙂 It is so satisying now life seems a bit more relaxed…
PS4:- This is my 99th post… now loking forward to writing 100th 🙂 …
PS5:- My bloggin frequency has declined dramatically earlier it was due to the workload and tension in the 4th sem now its coz i am just lazy… :p

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First things first.. Bomarillu rocks… 🙂 This was the first Telugu movie i saw and it rocked… Seriously man it rocked…i havnt enjoyed a movie so much for eons. A fultoo entertainer you cant just ask for more.
I was just sitting in my bed watching the movie, laughing out like a mad man, clapping at the scenes and rolling ain my bed after pausing the movie. I would like to place the movie alongside Munabhai on entertainment value… A decent looking actor, a very very very cute actress, amazing script, awesome comic timing, good songs what more is there to look for in a movie. Though i was crippledby understanding after reading the subtitles.

Since many a key strokes must have been utilised to write about the movie…so i am just giving my two bits about the movie….
One thing so great about the movie is the songs of the movie and the picturisation of the songs.. u just fall in love with the songs. I had been listening to the song ‘Appudo Ippudo’ before watching the movie and just loved the song and the video too rocks…In the process of Watching the movie i liked two songs one is “We have a Romeo” which as one of my friends suggested that the song suits me… and the other one is “Lal Darwaza”aka “Love makes life beautiful”, picturisation of both of them is great… I liked the concept of the song Lal Darwaza, youth and elder ppl in a war of words…
All in all its a movie to watch.. I am sure all the telugu speaking and understanding ppl must have watched it.. but if u havent watched it then go and watch it and if u dont understand telugu then download the subtitles from me and then watch the movie it is not a movie which u shud give a miss… and specially u, Pagare….

Last two posts have made my blog look like what our dear and respected Prof. Govindrajulu would call “ANDHRA STUFF” but i have no qualms about it… Kyun Pagare???

Heard that this movie is being remade in hindi but dont think the movie will be able to recreate the magic of this one. Whatdya say???

PS1:- Somebody teach me telugu pls….
PS2:- Pots have been placed on the mud embankment in front of NBH and region around it… Can somebody tell me why!!!
PS3:- Algo paper over, 4 remaining now and i should be studying now but i am chatting and blogging now..

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Of Telugu songs and frustration in 4th sem

    I am quite frustrated right now… We have our grpahics lab test tomorrow from 9 am and i just dont feel like studying anything… This sem has been such a hectic one for us that i just cant bear the thought of studying any thing more now… And after that when you see the marks you have got you just feel like renouncing the study and going somewhere else(but not Mussorie 🙂 ). I am just sick of this sem… 😦 God save me…

    For the last 2-3 days i have been listening to the song Appudo Ippudo from the movie Bomarillu, such a beautiful song… doesnt matter that i dont understand even a line in the song but its just a b’ful song and i have been listening to the song all day. The other song i have been listening to is Sa Ri Ga Me from Boys, started listening it coz its sung by my fav singer Lucky Ali and now i am loving the song. Actually i used to listen to cheliya cheliya too a song sung by KKa nd a few others but these 2 songs have become addiction.
    Saw the video of Appudo Ippudo and it looks such a feel good video and now i desperately want to see Bomarillu somebody please tell me any site where i can find the subtitles of telugu movies….

    Now i will sign off coz we had decided that after doing bc till 10:30 we will start studying coz unfortunately exams are on our head… This post has been written in state of utter frustration please forgive me for boring you.

PS1:- Please tell me a site to download telugu movies subtitles.
PS2:- GOD save me… this sem is gonna kill me
PS3:- Finally we are nearing the end of the sem. 🙂 thats the only respite at this point of time.

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Kumble: The Unsung hero


A Picture that says all that needs to be told about the grit of this guy

One of the stalwarts of Indian Cricket has bid his adieu to One Day International Cricket and somehow i feel that this cricketer who has never got the due he deserved again is not getting the type of acknowledgement he deserved at this time but the type of cricketer he has portrayed himself during all those years he has played for the country … He is never gonna complain he will just bear the brunt with smile and look of determination on his face.

All these years i have seen him play for India, he has portrayed himself as one of the most dedicated player on the field.. Agreed you can put a finger on his fielding but you cant wont say it was coz of him not wanting to field better.. There have been many occassions when Kumble dived and ball went below him it was just that he was not fleet footed as some of the others..

Two most memorable incidents about Kumble which no one who has followed Indian Cricket over the years can forget are The 10 wickets in Second Inning of Test At Firozshah Kotla against Pakistan and the match against WI in WI when he bowled with a broken jaw, the memory of him bowling with a bandage covering the broken jaw just speaks tonnes about the determination of that guy.

He has always been the work horse for Indian Team. Before 2003 WC when he used to be the strike bowler for India Captains always used to turn to him in the first 15 overs when the Indian pacers were being slogged and more often than not he succeeded in putting breaks to the scoring and cracking a wicket or two.

The tragedy with him is that nobody accepted him as a good bowler when finally he overtook Kapil Dev and became India’s leading wicket taker then people started to recognize the guy and praises started being showered on him, till then he was many times ridiculed as being a medium pacer and not a spinner.

I just wish for him that history remembers him as a great bowler and one of the greatest spinners in the game, if Warne and Murali can be considered as that then he also deserves to be somewhere near them.

I will miss that serious and calm face in the Indian One day team (whose presence had already diminished). I will miss the assurance given by Kumble whenever he used to come to the pitch to bowl. Whatever be the situation of India in the match.. whenevr Kumble came to bowl we used to just feel that he will do something now.

Song of the Day – Confessions of a Broken Heart by Lindsay Lohan from A Little More Personal

PS1:- Amidst all the tensions about the recent violence and approaching exams i am happy about something which i can’t write.. 🙂
PS2:- Read the article written by Srinath about Kumble here
PS3:- I wish the Hutch ppl activate my free sms again.. I feel crippled without free sms…

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