I have been watching Mahabharat over the last few days. The same Mahabharat that was telecast on Doordarshan in ’88-’90 and i have to say that the show was great, inspite of the fact that it is a well known story and we know almost evrything that happens in the story, the show doesnt get boring at any point of time. While watching the show some questions and other thoughts came into my mind which i would like to share with you people.

First of all, i would like to congratulate the people for the choice of characters, some of the characters are so well suited for the roles they are playing and in this category i would like to take names of three characters,age wise i would say the role of
1) Bheeshm Pitamah played by Mukesh Khanna is awesome… he suits perfectly in the role, his voice has that authority which is required for that role and also the softness of voice needed for a soft hearted person like him.

2) Bheem – The role is played by Praveen Kumar and he is so well suited, he just stands out amongst other people which is what is expected from a character playing the “Sarvashrestha gadadhar Maha Shaktishali Bheem”

3) Krishna – This role is played by Nitish Bhardwaj and his voice and his face have that softness, that power and that naughtiness which is expected of Lord Krishna

One character which didnt satisfy me much in the start was that of Yudishtir i expected him to be soft spoken and his voice could have been a bit mellow.

One more interesting fact is that the role of Arjun is played by a guy named Arjun… coincidence??? or the will of someone above there????

Another thing i came to know was that “Vidur” was a highly respected and important person of the time and era while all this time i never knew about Vidur, have just heard his name sometimes but never as a great or respected person.

I have always heard through my life that Karna was a very respectable character but could never understand why he was said so!!! I had heard something about him being “danveer” but after seeing the Mahabharat, respect has grown multifolds in my heart for the person, the incident that made maximum impact on me was when he was beaten by an unknown Brahmin (who was actually Arjun), he just bowed in front of him and said that i pay my respects to ur teacher instead of feeling humiliated and getting angry. There is only one instant when we doesnt come out as a hero,that is when Draupadi was dragged to the Hastinapur Court by Dushasan and Karna calls her ‘Veshya‘ aka prostitute otherwise he is out and out a respectable person who was wronged more than anybody else in the Mahabharat.

It was strange to see that one brother of Duryodhana,’Vikarna‘, third eldest Kaurav opposed him during “Draupadi cheer haran” and the main thing is that i never even heard his name my entire life… He sure is a character that should have been remembered by the history as the only guy who tried to stop “Duryodhan” inspite of being his youngr brother while his elders were silent.

There are a few questions too
1) Did “Dronacharya” demand “Eklavya’s” thumb just for the sake of making Arjun the best archer or as he said it was because Eklavya stole education from him,if it was the first case then the respect for him takes a nose dive in my eyes

2) Why couldnt any of the wise and just men in the court of “Dhritrashtra” force him to make him the correct decision i see the war partly as a mistake of these highly revered people.

Song of the Day -: Tiki tiki room by Hillary Duff

PS1:- Have become very very very lazy, am thinking of writing this post for last 4 days and finally wrote it today.
PS2:- For all my well wishers, i am feeling fine now…
PS3:- No more PSes now…. Enjoyyyyyyy
PS4:- I expect people reading this post to know about Mahabharat… 🙂 otherwise not much use of reading it 😛

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Why Genie?? Why??

I have been tagged by deepti to write a post on the wishes i have i am given them by the genie of Alladin and since she has asked me not to keep the topic as Why?? Genie Why?? and since i am infamous for doing what others tell me not to… so i am keeping the title as same but there is a reason why i am asking the Genie this question. Generally genie gives only 3 wishes but this genie is giving 5 wishes or in case this is genie is like that of Alladin then this genie should keep granting me wishes until it is with me… So i just want to ask the genie whats your story buddy???

So here are my 5 wishes…

First one is, i want that all the pollution in this world should eradicate somehow with no side effects, i dont know how it will happen and where will this pollution it is the problem that the genie should handle but this is the wish i want.
Second wish I have is about India and the English Rule over India, i just wish that the Britishers had never come to India so that India would still be a rich country, whose wealth has been drained by those bloody British as said by somebody the wealth was soaked from the banks of River Ganga and dropped at the banks of Thames. The state in which India is now we cant even envision the India of yore, the golden Bird of the World.

The third one is related to me only i wish to have Someone special for me as i have envisaged in all the dreams i have seen about her since a long time…. Waiting for her 😉

Fourth one is Obviously lots and lots of money , I just want tons of money, this is a material world and you need money for every thing and when you have lots of money you can buy more and more things and i am sure that unless you are some bloody psycopath you will agree with me on the point that material things sure give happiness….

Well this wish took a long tims to think, i dont have any particular wish as such but i would like to have the brains of einstein for one… have heard a lot of stories about the Time Magazine Man of the Century…

PS1:- Somebody cure me of this terrible and unknown bloody disease
PS2:- Watching Mahabharat these days watched the episode when Krishna Bhagwan lifted Govardhan just now
PS3:- Missing home like hell because of this illness… Wanna go home… So jealous of these bloody localites

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Just now Karan told me about this … I was just disgusted to read about this.. A bomb blast in a Masjid… What was the person or the group responsible for this trying to show that we can get in the premises of a religious place and do such a heinous act.

I can think of only one motive behind such an act.. the person behind this act wants only one thing.. that there should be Hindu-Muslim violence. I am sure some of you will think that this is just another post on my blog and i have tried to rant about a social issue… but this news influenced me more because i have been to the Mecca Masjid recently and went inside the main hall or whatever it is said… I was there just for about a min coz my bro with whom i had been there was worried about our shoes and wouldnt let me stay there for long but the mental peace i had at that place was just incomparable. I am very hurt that such an incident happened at such a place. This act is done with the sole aim of igniting riots but people wont understand this… and there sure are going to be some refutations. I just wish nothing of this sort happens.
I can’t understand why people cant let others live in peace and harmony, there has to be some reason so that there is always hatred amongst the group of people and now i am sure the media will over hype this thing and as a result people will become more infuriated…

May God or Allah or whoever is there up sitting and looking at the foolish acts of these mindless individuals grant some brains to these bloody idiots and grant peace to the souls of those whgo died and give the strength to their families.

I will say that i would prefer going ti the Mecca Masjid than going to any temple coz of the peace and calm in the sanctuary of the mosque… truly awesome…. and somebody tried to malign it…

Song of the day – Actually 2 Wo Ajnabee from The Train and Mera Pehla Pehla Pyar from the movie with same name by K.K.

PS1:- I am in a terrible state.. dont know what has come to me… feeling sleepy all day even in the night, not able to eat anything, headache, weakness and the IIIT doctor decides not to show up today.
PS2:- Not able to do any work for my project… Fuck this illness…
PS3:- I wanna eat but am not hungry have eaten almost nothing for last 3 days… just a dinner yest… This is terrible

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Happy Birthday

Supposedly one of the very happiest moment in a year of the life of every normaal individual is his/her birthday. The special event which comes only once a year the day when the person is the hero and the most important person, the day when a person is supposed to feel happy, be happy and make others happy by being happy him/herself.

I am writing this post because yesterday was my birthday and i enjoyed the day thats true. It was my best b’day night. It all started at about 11:30 pm on the 12th of May when we started drinking some cold “drinks” and started dancing and enjoying ourselves but this could continue only uptil 12:00 am when the guard came and asked us to stop the loud music i dont know what is their problem i am pretty sure that nobody in the cellar must have complained to them and that too in the summer holidays come on yaar.. once in a while this dhoom dhadaka should be allowed. After that we got out of the hostel and i was given bumps in front of NBH.. hey hey wait i wasnt supposed to be writing this. So i should come to the point which i thought about.

I was thinking whats so special in a birthday i dont see anything special happening to anybody on his/her birthday except the bumps part and wishes from friends and if some long lost friends remember then it feels very good to talk to them when they call you apart from that i didnt feel anything special at all on the day. I just dont seem to understand why is there so much hue and cry about a birthday, its pretty much the same day as other days except for some additional calls. For me it was not a special day by any measures. Some sort of melancholy settled down on me in the day time when i was alone in my room. I am somehow just so vexed with this whole setting of birthday. I just dont see any use of hyping al this birthday thing when there is nothing special in it. Its just a day when you become a day older and nothing more. If people didnt know fractions then it could have been special there would have been a jump of a full number in the age of a person but since we know of fractions then what difference does it make i mean whats the difference between 19.9973 and 20 for all pratical purposes in maths we just round it to 20 so why this whole issue of birthday.

Song of the day -: Still stuck upon Laree Chooti from 1:40 ki Last Local

PS1:- You must have understood after reading this post that i am no mood to give a birthday party now
PS2:- Its damn hot out there in the noon. Rain rain come again please.
PS3:- Most important thing on my birthday.. my cousin’s sali about whom i mentioned in my last post called me 😛 even though i hadnt given her my no. What say CHAND 😛 😀 jinki abhi tak jal rahi thi… do i see flames coming 😛
PS4:- Saw Spidey -3 yest … Not up to the expectations.. 😦

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Engagement of my Cousin

    I have been missing from the blogging scene for quite some time now… and the reason was also there in my last post, i had gone to attend the engagement of my cousin and what a time i had there.. can say these were one of the best holidays i have had in recent times.
    It was ages after which i saw some of my cousins and they have grown by leaps and bounds.. if i can use the term for this… but seriously i was shocked to see hpw much they all have grown up and the same astonishment was shared by one of my older cousin who is married and was seeing me after many years.. guess time flies by… 😛
    The time we spent in playing dumb charades in the vacations cant be compared to anything else.. by the end of four days we had no movies left to guess so we started giving absurd words to each other to enact and guess and we had gained enough proficiency by the time to identify those absurd words… but the best game we had was antakashari between the elders of the house v/s us children and the game was truck loads of fun for us all with our mausis and moms singing songs which sounded like coming from some distinct planet, i can confidently say that i have quite a bit of knowledge of old songs but the songs which were being sang by those people were like latin, hebrew to our ears but it was so so much fun but the game had to finished abruptly coz the sagai ceremonies had started but it was great.
    Then came the most interesting part of the whole engagement party… Actually my cousin bro has a sali and when you talk of a girl how can you count me out    and that too when the only word which comes to your mind after seeing her is “HOT”so it was all out flirting with her for the single day for which the ladki wale were there in the city my bad luck… only one day.. 🙂 Actually my whole family was with me and it was all fun with my mama arranging for a photo session of me and her done by my bhaia.. 😛 and then in the night my mom made us both dance together with hands in hands.. 😛 ain’t it good!!! But alas the time was not enough… only one day… so now i am waiting for the marriage when i will get a chance to meet her again..

Song of the day -: Laree Chhoote from the movie EK Chalees ki Last Local

PS1:- My b’day today!!!
PS2:- Back to college.. have to start the project work now and also the introspection session will blog about it when it ends have heard quite a bit about it.
PS3:- Know this is a pathetic post but had to write about the trip and couldnt write anything better. so please bear with me

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