Cover Them All

At times I wish I could sing
Or atleast play an instrument musical
Playing around with words I like a lot
But at times I cringe to do something different

At times I wish I could be a rock star
Fame, Wealth,Appeal all they have got
Never desired it just for the sake of it all
Its rather a salute to the ones I love

I’d like to be associated with the Beatles
Instead of composing something my own
I want to play what Dylan did
Would love to replicate sounds of The high flying Zepp

Originality might be most coveted in its own right
But for once I’d like to be a follower
I’d want to sound like them
I would want to dress like them

If only I could knock on Heaven’s door once again
Wish to make Yesterday my song for the day
Somewhere Over the Rainbow I’d like to look now
And until I do that, (I can’t get No) Satisfaction

Play the guitar or bang the drums
Sing the songs or trample the bass
It doesnt matter what or how
Once in my life, I’d love to cover them all

Movie Star

Been asking all my life for money a little more
Wished for my dad to be a billionaire
Dreams I had many of a lottery I won
None of them ever were realised
Prayers hundreds were left unanswered
Try as much as I did, never get the money I need
The Gods I think, might need their money own

Fruitless all my players went time and again
Thats when I thought again
Flexibilty sure is the buzz of the century
Why did I have to be so adamant
Money can buy a lot of things I know
Its not the only source of happiness, I realised
Changed my wish I did then

Bucketful of money I dont need anymore
All I want now from Ye Gods almighty
Is to just be an actor in movies new
Cast me in a movie or two
I too can have beautiful ladies prancing around
A Porsche,Ferrari or a Ducati to drive around
Rented all of them might be for me
Yet I could enjoy them once atleast

Clothes best I would then wear
Ladies hottest I’d get to kiss and be upclose
Countries of world I’d see them all
People famous I’ll meet them all
Money truckloads who would need when I’d get all this for free
Pay me like you would an engineer of Softwares
But my dear Lord please make me a movie star for once.


Still the disappointment isn’t too far away
Still the body aches at times
Still the mind wanders towards hurt
Still the nights are spent on back
Still the mouth is fed by hands strange

Still the clouds turn grey in the day
Still the calm seas are perturbed time and again
Still the trees are shaken down to the roots
Still the roads are company unknown
Still the windows are the only escape

Still the life is far away
Still the nights alone I fear
Still the soul is locked in a Room
Still only the mind can wander
Still the open doors show an alien world

Still there are miles to cover
Still the pain is borne with fists clenched
Still there are smiles to be flashed
Still the struggles have to be made
Still the life is to be lived with pain.