CBIT Fest Campaigning

I am being constantly pestered by Karan for some time to write this post, so finally i am writing this post coz he wants somebody he knows from CBIT to read this article coz that person is a regular reader of my post.

Last thursday we were having our ITWS lab in the teaching lab and our lab was about to finish..when all of a sudden i heard the noise of the honking of horns and the screaming of people since i have had an experience of how the local colleges do the promotion of their events (referring to that done by Vasavi guys few months back)…. So i didnt take me much time realising the fact that it must be some other college trying to promote its college fest in a way which is not agreeable to the civilized human society(have i gone too far???? leave it)..But seriously speaking i didnt like the display by those people after all they are engineering students and going to another reputed college…You should show some basic courtesy and etiquettes this is not some raod side Dhaba where you can come and shout your heart out…and have a good time…This is our college and i think that all the people should show some respect when in a neducational institute..Its ok if you are n hostels and all where the students live or other places meant for recreation but all this was done in front of the main building which is the main centre of teaching in our college and where all the labs are situated……. When i came out to see what was going on could see the dazed look on the face of our dear Dr. Madhav Krishna (“Those who understood raise you hands and those who couldnt please raise your hands 🙂 “). When they were stopped by the guards near the entry of the main building…they started playing “Summer of 69″ in full volume…that was utter disdain on their part and i feel people like this should be kicked. It seemed to me that those guys(and gals too) in cars were there just trying to show off… It was just a horrendous act in their part….

Even if you leave this part..they did nothing to promote their college fest…all i could get from this whole episode was that their college was organising a fest and the poster of the fest were of orange colour..nothing more than that..I got to know the name of the college later in that day when i was going out of the college campus for some work and saw a poster of that colour lying on the road and decided to check the name of the college from where those unruly guys came..and then saw the name CBIT.

In this respect i would like to praise the people from my college(including me coz i also went for promotion of Felicity) that where ever we went, we behaved as you are supposed to do in civilized society and more importantly an educational institute……

PS1:- I hope Maroo is happy now!!!
PS2:- I am pretty bored after writing this post..God how can you write one thing more…
PS3:- Blogs are pretty good way to bring out your emotions,…when i started writing this post i didnt feel anything but started feeling an anger against those people as i started writing this..specially the 2nd para…
PS4:- Maths exam today was pretty easy but i screwed up last question…damn me!!!
PS5:- I completed my aim of posting 10 posts in this month..Now whatever i post will be bonus for you ppl(Now dont kick me….. :P)
PS6:- I hope the ATM starts functioning…coz i dont have any money… 😦
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Truck Ride at 4:00 am

This post is a tribute to all the IIITians for whom waking up till atleast 3 is a normal routine and who are frustrated by our canteen where our ENIAC bhaia(hope you get whom i am referring to 🙂 )decides to close his fast processor and the hardware of the canteen at about 1:30 or may be earlier….

The prelude to the story goes like this…One day me and a certain guy were lurking around in the NBH searching for someone who had something to eat..but couldnt find anything and since we were sleepy so,we decided we were badly in need of a cup of tea or coffee but as our faithful coffee shop wale bhaia had left the campus eons ago…so we decided to move out of campus at 2:50 am we hoped that we could find a cup of tea,somewhere as there was construction is going on in a hell lot of places in the area around our college. We asked the guard of any such haunt where we could find tea at such an odd time…and the answer was that we could get tea at the “Gachibowli Chaurasta”(personally i hate the term chaurasta, chauraha is such a good word)… Finally we decided to go the place,had some tea and came back in about 50 mins…and it was such a god way to do BC (which we IIITians are very good at…)

Now the actual story begins….The next day, instead of 2 ppl it was a gang of six and we were having all the fun we could have in the late hours of 3:00 am in the night….Asking the trucks for lift and swearing at them when they didnt stop for us…. We almost had a brawl with a drunk who all of a sudden woke up(he was sleeping on the divider between the two sides of the road) and started looking at us and looked all set for a fight but we had the power of no. as we were six and he was alone….. Then we reached the shop…..had tea there and were returning back when we saw a truck struggling to go uphill on a very gentle slope near Indira Nagar. So we decided to take a ride of the truck and boarded the truck while it was in motion but as the slope ended and level road started,the speed of the truck started increasing and some part of our body started widening(hope you get what i am referring to !!!)thinking of how would we gt down from the runnnig truck, but all of us finally managed to get down near the IIIT bus stop and decided to get to college waking from there but as it reached college we decided to board the truck as the ascending portion of the road would start again so we decided to board the truck again.. This time we decided that we will go ahead with the truck and reach upto the first gate of HCU and then return back walking from there. All of a sudden Raman came up with an idea (remember it was not his need but a wish) so he decided to pee standing on the back of the truck pissing on the road while the truck was moving. So the tussle of the truck with the gravity due to the load it was carrying continued and it kept stopping at each and every thing resembling an uphill portion. I cant imagine the weight it would have been carrying coz the trolly on which the weight was kept had tyres all over its breadth..the trolly had 16 tyres and the main body of the truck had 6 tryes,so 22 tyres in all….As it reached the gate of stadium the horse power of the truck gave away and it just declined to buzz movig at a pace which would make even the ALSI aditya to be ashamed so we decided to sit there until it managed to get past the final hurdle in its way after which the road would have been smooth sailing for the truck but the truck couldnt manage to get past the final hurdle and after waiting for it for about 20-25 mins to get past that incline,we finally decided to put off our expidition as PK was feen cold (damn you PK) but one thing i should also appreciate the determination of those guys…we couldnt even stand it for abt a km. and they had brought the truck from Chennai(it took them 4 days to come from there)…. But they had finally reached their destination (almost) … they had to go to BHEL but what is the distance between IIIT n BHEL as compared to distance between Hyderabad and Chennai….
As i have been asked by all the people who were there with me..so i am mentioning the names….. Names are — Me(ofcourse),Raman(i told you,what he did that night!!!),Pk (uski vajah se humein vapas aana pada),Mathur(ab kya bolun uske bare mein), Vipul(last person to get onto the truck,he ran much as we had gone far away on the truck), Maruti(mera pyara 20% roomie)

PS1:- The paper of OS was good when compared to the input i gave for the paper(thanx to shikha…she taught me)
PS2:- Maroo is asking me to write the CBIT promotion article coz he wants someone from that college to know what their college guys do…
PS3:- Now i know that i cann’t study myself …. I either need somebody to accompany me or teach me….so next time all the phodus beware coz i am gonna be after your life…

PS4:- WordPress screws the indentation….

PS5:- I intend completing 10 posts this month..this is my 9th one

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Youth for Equality…

This is not gonna be a ranting on the ongoing topic of reservation…coz many keystrokes have been utilised for the topic..and i am not gonna write abt this topic anymore..besides i have already written on this topic….
This post is just a sort of an appology on my part..that i didnt do even what i coud have done on my part to give some strength to the movement..but i just failed in doing so and i am sorry to all these who gave their sweat,blood,money and what not to the movement(if i can term it that)…. Given i could have easily gone to the place where the agitation is(it might be was till now..who knows) talking place coz the place is not much far away from our college given the distances in Hyderabad

Today there was a peaceful “Candle Light Vigil to show light to the corrupt politicians”(as they mentioned in the pamplets)…. near the Cyber Pearl Main Gate at 6:30 which (i think ) must still be going on..I just decided that i wouldn’t be going coz i have to study for my mid sems….starting monday and i am supposed to be studying for the mid sems coz i dont have even an idea what all is there is the OS course…it seems to be equivalent to 4 courses prof teaches diff material in class….assignments are on diff topics…. Book teaches entirely diff topics and the research papers provided by the Prof are just way out of the league…..
Well coming back to the topic…right now i am here sitting in my room posting about why i didnt go to the “Vigil” (as they said it). I could have easily gone to the walk and could have done my part…but i didnt do that…Karan even came to my room asking whether i wanted to go or not…but i was sleeping and once i am sleeping there is no chance that i would go for anything like that….

PS1:- I am once again extremely sorry 😦
PS2:- CBIT guys (n gals:) too) came to our college for promoting their coll event and that was the worst promotion…Hope someone writes abt it in iiitbuzz…

PS3:- I am pissed off with the syllabus of OS..
PS4:- I have listened to Khoon Chala from RDB for abt 10-12 times on a trot…jus luv the song…
PS5:- I and my friend were talking abt comics we used to read …Those were the dayssss……….

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How many times have you thought that life is just not being fair to you….Have you ever tried to think about life ….Try and do that and you will find that it is just a matter of your perspective……

You always see what you want to see..everything seems to be looking happy and gay when you are in jolly mood but the sunshine in your life is stopped by black clouds of all shapes and sizes when you are going through a lean patch and in such phases of your life you need two things first is someone whom you can talk to and who can console you and support you in the times of distress.. and the second thing is your mind if you can just have little control over your mind..you can get over all your difficulties but in such situations mind is the first thing to give away…….I think the biggest consolation one can have in such times is having the confidence that someone is there,standing for you and you can fall back on the person if you stumble.

I can remember of an example.. i was in one of my such dont talk to me i am sulking mood and was sitting with a person whom i wouldnt place in the top ladder of my friends but surely would put in the list of good people and was rambling that i am so alone and i have no one in this world to share my thoughts looking towards the sky(it was night time) and then my friend asks me ” What are you thinking???”
i: Nothing just looking up at the star but can think of somethin by looking up at the star… that it is alone nobody is there for the company…
My friend(without even looking up) : Just look around there might be some star for the company, there might not be many of them and neither do you need many people..just one is sufficient…

On hearing this i once again looked up to the sky and found that there really was another star (a feeble one) giving my star the company, it was just my view that didnt let me see the star who always there to give the company but was inconspicuous and i never noticed it. The secret to getting out of situations like this is recognising this inconspicuous person and interacting with him/her. Given that you are not lucky enough and havent recognised the person to share your problem in that case the problem is out of my scope(for that i will have to do more research).

Well i didnt benefit from this realisation because i couldnt see that inconspicuous person even after much effort i couldnt do that and the person whom i thought could help me a bit in the problem talking to that person was not possible…guess sometimes you have to play the game the HARD WAY… so i just stayed that way hoping that someday something will happen but nothing out of the ordinary happened and i just started getting out of it as time passed on….This is why they say “Time is the best healer”

I thought of a quote and am writing down….. Hope my philosopical mindset is gud :)(dunno what this line means)
If you are alone on the wrong path, then you are in the right company…. (Coined it myself!!! 🙂 gg Himank)

PS: – I chatted with the PJ Queen of our school, thinking of writing a post on her histrionics…
PS1:- Mid sems from the next monday and i havent studied anything…
PS2:- Feeling sleepy must have wrote some bakwaas….
PS3:- My First post in philosophical category…..
PS4:- I am spending much time in writing the PSes too…
PS5:- Wrote this post yesterday but am posting today….
PS6:- 3 posts in 3 days with med sems jumping on your head….. can anybody compete with me in being jobless 🙂 ………

PS7:- This is my first post in philosophical category..so…dont blast me if it suckssss….

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Freshers n Carnival….

Almost each n every guy in IIIT complains that we have very few cultural evnts in the calendar…so for those people hungry for events like this. This weekend was one of the greatest you can hope in the routine life of an average IIIT guy/gal. You couldnot be asking for more,atleast the people of UG2 n UG3 who were the organisers of Freshers n Carnival respectively, atleast i can vouch for me and my friends….We are extreely tired after the preparation for organising Freshers and house events and also the throat of almost every UG2 guy is hoarse after hooting for 3 days on a trot…

Well now coming to the events,first i will like to write abt Freshers Night and the preceeding events. I feel the event was very well organised three cheers to tthe core team of the event…Karan,Chand,Sambhav…They were very good in organising the event and i cant think of any flaws in the whole event except the mike system in the second round which was as always hopeless(Can’t IIIT afford a decent enough mike system???)…Except a few glitches like this,it was a good event and i thoroughly enjoyed both the days of the event. Coming to the house events, prithvi didnt go into slump as we had feared that it might do after the almost negligible preparation….Prithvi came second (I seriously dont know how???) coz the people were extrmely bored with our play which is almost always the USP of the event..and were lifting the chairs and i when announcing on the stage was fearing that tomatos,onions n slippers can be hurled at us anytime…but thank God nothing like this happened. The performance by Aakash house was just awesome(cheers to my batchmates who helped in the preparation)they just won hands down there was no competition for them,the real competition was for the fourth spot and Agni again occupied that spot….Coming back to Mr n Ms Freshers Vidit Jain became the Mr Fresher and Charvi Dhootbecame the Ms. Fresher. The DJ(actually guys of our batch playing the songs) was good and enjoyed dancing after much time….

Now coming to the Carnival, first of all congrats to the UG3 for organising it successfully with such short span of time for the preparation. I wouldnt like to go into the reasons of organising the event, but would say that i had a really great time in the events which i could attend…couldnt force myself to attend the events in the noon or evening coz my whole body wa paining after the freshers and had to catch up on some sleep too. I finally woke up at 7:15pm (after being awaked in the noon by friends for lunch) when a friend called me and asked to register for antakshari. We finally went to participate in antakshari but couldnt make it to the final round which was great fun watching. The finale for me was THE DANCE Extravaganza (i didnt have neither interest nor patience to watch the Basketball tourney). The dance part was real good after a good performance in the starting by ppl of our batch and another one by girls of UG3,there was fun n frolic all round with the prop round which had more than its share of funny moments . I think the dance by Ankit Garg with the hanger as the prop stood out in the prop round, we too went to the dancing stage(if u could say it so) when pagare n karan were dancing in the prop round and finally the last one was the famous MACARENA dance by almost all the UG3 n UG2 guys present there…..

I would say that UG3 achieved its purpose of providing us with fun n frolic which it had promised …..

PS -: I still have a stiff neck after all the dance and head banging.
PS2-: Ppl still have difficulty recognizing my voice coz my throat is still hoarse(hope the usage is correct)
PS3:- I had intended doing OS assignment myself this time but couldnt do due to all these events
PS4:- This is the first time i am using the concept of “PS” n hope to continue using it.

PS5(added later):- Took the technorati tag thing from Rakesh’s blog so am adding tags to my post

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Missing didi…..on rakhi

Come Rakhi and every guy is rememebring his sister. I am no exception to this….

Today my sis is not at all going out of my mind. All the rakhsa bandhans are coming back into my mind. I can remember all the days when she had tied rakhito my hands….This is seriously becoming much more emotional than i had thought i would turn out to be.

I can still remember all the days of my childhood when i wanted that my hand should be covered with rakhees and was never staisfied with less that 15 rakhis and used to be so sad when my sister got money or gifts. I always used to thinkthat this is very bad..why should girls have all the fun….and always used to ask my mom ki “aisa koi festival nahin hota kya jismein ladkon ko kuch paise milein…” and the answer was a clear..”NO”. So it used to be a little sad day forme…..Just thinking abt all the gifts she used to get…ok,accepted she used to share the sweets with me..but never the money.. 😦

I can always remember all the times we have spent fighting with each other for petty issues but we were always there to help each other and screen each other from the scolding recieved by mom. As i think all sisters are …..caring,nice, generous she is all of them and she has been one of my great friends too….I have told her all about my crushes even abotu any pairs which were there inour class……..

But she is vey bad..She is one person who can make me cry anytime. Like when she was going to her college and left us.I was in my class XII at that time and that was i think the first incident when i cried after many years when i used to cry when my momscolded me(which used to happen i think may be in 6th-7th).So it was after 6 or 7 yrs that i was crying and i was sobbing an my mummy was shocked tosee me crying though she herself was doing so..i myself was shocked how could i cry but i was…and not justshedding tears i was sobbing loud. i can remember that night i and my mummy were coming to home after leaving her and papa at station. She was going, i think about a week before raksha bandhan and that was a real setback for both of us. I was thinking that we could have spent another rakhi together but it wasnt acceptable to somebody up there…Couldnt her college have opened a week later.

After that this, today was my 4th rakhi when she isnt with me and i am missing her and after 3 yrs a girl has tied a rakhi onmy wrist. It is such a good feeling to have a rakhi tied on your wrist.

Even today as i am sitting writing this blog..tears are flowing down my eyes coz i am missing didi…..Bad didi always makesme cry,so bad of her.There is a vague chance that she can come to hyderabd next year coz she is placed in satyam and out of the four cities where she can be posted hyd is one of them,,,,,,I JUST HOPE……………….

May be next year she would be tyinig a rakhi on my hand finally……………..

I miss you didi …………………….the more i write in the blog the more i will remember her and the more salt i will lose out of my body in the form of tears……………..