Quote of the day:- Don’t think of building a stairway to moon, you wont have anything for it to rest.

Tears flow down my cheek
My throat is clogged with emotions
I cant stay normal even if i try to be
All these emotions getting on me

Not lamenting on something unfortunate
Just grateful to the God
The wonderful gifts he bestowed upon me
Life of luxury i am entitled to

Looking at others grieving
On their losses irreparable
Makes me smile at my life
Distanced i might be from my loved ones

Still with me they are always
They are in this world
Looking after me and smiling at my achievements
A source of strength for my future endeavors

While i am here to live
With, the ones i love
They are left reminiscing of the golden past
Trying to get some shine in the murky present

Thanking God for all the years of joy
I have had all my life
Praying to the almighty up above there
To provide strength to the deceased
Strengthen the shoulders of the pallbearers….

Dedicated to families of Hyderabad Blast victims and to my cousin sister who must have spent the first rakhi without the arm of her real brother to tie a rakhi..

Song of the day:- Bad Bad Girls from Chak De.. India

PS1:- Slept at 12:40 yest, woke up at 6:15 am today and went to PT whoa.. What a day!!
PS2:- Another Rakshabandhan without my sister and the irony is she could have been here if those bloody Satyam people would have started the training a month ago.
PS3:- Finally got a IM from somebody who was angry with me for quite some time
PS4:- Its raining cats and dogs outside, dont think there will be PT tomorrow
PS5:- Somebody save me from the constant barrage of blank mails from UG1 guys on life and that too even after me and maroo shooting off mails to them.
PS6:- Eating an apple after long time.. Thanx Maruti.. ๐Ÿ˜› Now you guys know whom to bug for an apple… ๐Ÿ˜›
PS7:- Life’s so boring and no progress with my project
PS8:- Planning to watch Boot Polish today.
PS9:- Will be my 2nd B/W movie (hopefully) in recent time after “His Girl Friday”
PS10:- Finally 10 PSes

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Of NLP and Rockford

A summer project and one and half months into LTRC and being inducted into LTRC family(as my frnds say) and being kicked out(not given Summer Internship Money ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ). I just can’t help but be amazed at the amazing capability of human brain to parse the natural language. The incident which made me think about this thing was a statement made by my friend to another
” Abe newspaper de dena yaar, pavitra karne hain :P”
I hope you must have understood what the guy was talking about.. If you havent then keep reading later and you will get enough hints about the act committed by most (almost all) guys. The real thing was that without any background statement or anything of that kind,the other person completely understood what the guy was saying. I have seen some projects and papers and so many algorithms and methods have been tried and people keep trying and even then if they can get accuracy levels in range of 70% then its great and for that, i am sure they wont be considering such phrases which can be sort of Idioms but not famous at all, just framed at the moment. You can’t do anything but be amazed at the ingenuity of the supreme, the creator.

Now to Rockford, a movie about which i have heard so much and whose songs i have heard so many times that i have been dying for years to watch the movie and finally i watched the movie. Any mention of the movie without the song YAARON by K.K. is just incomplete. If “Smells like Teen Spirit” is the youth anthem in English then for sure “Yaaron” is the youth anthem for Indians in Hindi. K.K. will be immotalised for the song atleast for our generation people. Now coming to the movie, i was really impressed by the an Indian movie freely talking abt shagging and all. It is such a common place activity among guys(dunno abt gals… :P) but no teen movie ever talks abt it. We can talk about sex,but shagging is a big no no always. All in all a good movie, worth watching for one and all, though i think that they could have done better with casting some other girl as the love interest of the protagonist. One more thing was, I was thinking Nandita Das would have some rule but she just walks 2 times wishing good morning to the guys… What the crap…. But the picture sure reminds of the good old school days.

PS1:- Dil full pet houseful… Went to a buffet for b’day party of a few guys and once again i trumped Pk n Chand in eating more… hail me!! ๐Ÿ˜€
PS2:- For the uninformed, they are the heaviest eaters in mess and canteen and i eat measly 2 rottis and some rice in the canteen
PS3:- Go through this link and i will change my blog name if you didnt ROFL.
PS4:- Two Profs on leave, last 2 days => Chhutti for 2 days and with weekend coming, this week has been nothin short of fun
PS5:- Finally started using my keyboard again for the first time since coming to OBH,that is 1 and half month now.
PS6:- I hope you got what “he” meant by pavitra karna… ๐Ÿ˜› I talked abt it a lot
PS7:- Listening to AC/DC for the first time today.
PS8:- Watched a movie after ages yesterday.. I always think of watching movies but end up not watching them and not doing anything at all.

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Strolling through the park
I see those cute little faces
Playing their own games
Having the time of their lives
Tensions a far cry for them

The power they posses is greater than any
A cute child can make you smile
With their inquisitive eyes
They look upto you
Questionsย  myriad filling their minds

Looking at them i remember the days gone by
Those days of fun and frolic
The period of tension free life
Walking with a spring in step
Dreams of flying so high

Of the spirit not perturbed by expectations
Not a care about the future life
Confidence to fall upon others when troubled
Strength of the family so close behind you
Comforting hand of your father and the warm heart of your mother

Now a grown up, you walk all alone
Living life the way you want to
Taking decisions for you and people around you
Shouldering the responsibility of everything you fuck up
The life in a new form, the life a bit matured

Difficulties ease into life
Crisis become a feather on your hat
Thats how you have to live as adults
Looking at the toddlers and flashing a smile at them
Letting them think the world is still a good place to live in

While you live your life
Fighting for everything you need in your life
Trying to make the world a different place
For you,for me,for generations to come
Life for the unborn, relation for the unwed

Was in some sort of daze while writing the last portion specially the last paragraph was feeling as if i am in some other world was writing whatever was coming to my mind… just going with my heart.. So might not make that much sense..

Song of the Day -: Maybellene by Chuck Berry
PS1:- My blog turning into my poem diary these days ๐Ÿ˜›
PS2:- My mouth ulcers finally healed
PS3:- Mid sems came and went as always, nothing eventful
PS4:- Life is so dull n boring these days
PS5:- Chuck Berry roxx.. Awesome lyrics..

“He never ever learned to read or write so well
But he could play a guitar just like he ‘s ringing a bell”
Just listen to the song Johnny B Goode… to feel rock n roll..

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7 Most Frustrating things

I decided to come up with the list of things which are most frustrating to me… You are invited to add yours too..

1. You have an urge to sneeze but for some bloody reason the sneeze doesnt come and you are left begging to God for a bloody sneeze.
2. You have a tune in your mind which has been buzzing up there but you can neither guess it nor hum it to tell anybody.
3. Mosquito humming in your ears when you are trying to sleep early coz you have an exam next day and you already got late playing Age.
4. Some bloody asshole deciding to ask a question in a class just when the prof was about to leave.
5. Guy in the room beside you playing punjabi or rock music in full blast while you are trying to have a good day’s sleep. ๐Ÿ˜›
6. Watching Sachin score runs fucking slow,looking just a shadow of his enigmatic self.
7. Dying to talk to some friend of yours and the guy/gal deciding against turning out online on that particular day.

Edit:- 8. You have ulcers in your mouth and you can’t bloody eat anything…. and mess serves Aloo 65… One of your fav things served in the mess…

9. Being a CVITian.. ๐Ÿ˜› (No offence meant to CVITians not from our batch) CVITians from our batch look like they have been given a punishment to be in CVIT…

Song of the Day:- Johnny Be Goode by Chuck Berry & Freebird by Lynyrd Skynyrd(Had to write both)

PS1:- Why 7??? Coz its a powerful number in Harry Potter series and coz i couldnt think of more
PS2:- My tongue killing me, have ulcers(i guess chhale are called the same) on my tongue
PS3:- Two papers over, one more to go.
PS4:- Exams have been less painful this time,2 exams in a duration of 4 hours upto 12:30 today and the next us last paper tom at 6:30 pm

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Mr. Kalam at IIIT-H

The day that we at IIIT-H had been waiting for quite some time finally came. It was announced some time back that Mr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam will be joining IIIT-H as distinguished faculty and will be coming to our college on 15th August. With excitement we were waiting for the arrival of the dignitary.
Earlier it was scheduled that he will be coming after our cultural program ends but a few moments after it started, there was an announcement by the anchor Karan that Mr Kalam is going to arrive sooner than expected. And there he was, X-President of India Mr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, first glance of him from near and for some reason he looked plastic to me, nt a human.. I dunno he ws so strange looking… i cant point out what but it ws strange.
The moment he set his foot in the tent and came near the group of us students sitting there, who all stood up to see him (we were lucky in that respect that we were on the left most side from where he came), he was just enignmatic and charming. Standing to pose in front of someone who was clicking a photo. Waiting to talk to a few people (regretfully only girls ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ). Then he gve his lectures after the cultural program. Which is nt much to write about.
Here are a few photographs of today…

Mr. Kalam up close…

Up CLos

Mr Kalam’s Autograph which i got…


Song of the day :- Highland by Yanni

PS1:- Yanni is so soothing.. Feel as if i shud just keep listening to the music..
PS2:- Highest attendance in any event in IIIT-H except afew cult ones like Freshers,Felicity and all
PS3:- My toungue screwed coz of the 7-8 cups of coffee i had.. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ It sux… Lalach buri bala ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
PS4:- Mid sems from tom… though i dont have any paper tom..
PS5:- I just have 3 papers.. ๐Ÿ™‚ Kool ain’t it???

Unfettered Love

Once we were so close together
It seemed like she would be with me for eternity
It was as if she was made just for me and me for her
She was the world for me, the source of my happiness

But the fateful day came and she departed from my life
The last meeting with her on that fateful evening
Tears flowing down the cheek of sky masked my tears
The same rain looked on her face as tears

She went to a place far far away from me
The distances all snatched her away from me
I was left there to brood all alone
While she found the love of her life in the place new

She found in him a support I never could give
She found him a man, i could never be
She was done in by the charm of that stud
While I stood her trying to gather the shattered pieces of my life

The gale in my life turned into a storm
Sunshine of my life marred by ugly clouds
The tree of my life uprooted by the storm blowing
I can only see the gibbet of despair in front of my eye

I am still trying to find that beacon of hope
Waiting for the love of my life to be mine again
As they say, set your love free to make it yours again
Living in the hope that the bird of my life will return to the house of my heart

Song of the Day:- Ek Hockey Dungi rakh ke from CHak De India

PS1:- Wrote 5 PSes but they got deleted nw nt in a mood to write any PS
PS2:- Btw had 7-8 cups of coffee from the coffee vending machine in OBH as chand’s coin got stuck… Some people had even brought thermos but then we told the guard and the machine was switched off..

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Life Mein BC….


For non-IIIT-H ians.. all that is written below happened through a series of mails sent to the intra IIIT-H “Life” Mailing list which has been set up for discussin general student issues…. ๐Ÿ˜› and nw you will see what the student issues are… ๐Ÿ˜€

It all Started with Naga Sitaram raising a valid point about Telugu movies not being screened in the Movie Club saying that in his 1 year stay in IIIT, he hasnt seen any telugu movie being screened in IIIT.

Then pavankumar_g,bhaskar_kakani,gaurav.kharkwal sent mails supporting the motion

Anita,Anusha V,suman_chalana,radhika_b,bhima all agreed with the motion and mails kept flowing

Then Maneesh Upmanyu sent a mail asking people to spare the mailboxes

Padmini was vry excited with the prospect of telugu movie,sandeep_digavalli said that hit telugu movies hould be screened instead of flop movies like Naqaab and all

Then Suryakant Patidar aka Pati sent a mail saying “Yes, I can’t wait ………….
Next mail : life-unsubscribe@students.iiit.ac.in
you can understand his frustration but if he did this, then he missed out names of a lot of awesome movies. and such great BC…

Sashidhar chips n frustrated with this mail
“Your passion for telugu movies is undoubtedly admirable. You guys have put your point across in a great way…
But please spare my INBOX……….. PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ”

ganga_t,santosh_puram,Karunakar Paturu also agreed with the concept sending mails to remind us.

Sanket started the bc with the mail titled Untiy in Diversity
—no matter whether it is telgu or hindi—

Rameshsoni asking “Why not Rajasthani,bangali,Gujrati,Tamil,Haryanvi,

satya_vs said “If anyone have to discuss about “Screening Telugu Movie” AND “OBH
Groundfloor Mess” i suggest you to please from now onwards send to
life-unsubcribe@students.iiit.ac.in” dont know what he intended to say… but ok..

Kiran V Neelisetty also agreed with all of them..

khandelwal said that telugu movies should be screened

Nishant Shobhit wanted Telugu Movie “Bangaram” and Marathi “Gheum Tak

kiranm sent a mail in telugu with line by line eng translation and was very happy to see such a huge response and hoping that this idea will be implemented

Thereafter all hell broke loose and bc started…
Vaibhav Bajpai saying “From last three years i did n’t see any Bhojpuri movie in movie club. I want to see spiderman-3 in bhojpuri.”

Akash Deep wanted the screening of bhojpuri movies “humka hau chahi” and superhit “ganga”

khandelwal says “Now bhojpuri movie also becoming famous.so by not bhojpuri.” Now this is mc++(mail count++) like PC++

Sankalp wanted to see a marathi and a gujarati movie..
“1. marathi: andharya raatri diva tujhya hatat
(which was remade in hindi as “andheri raat mein, diya tere haath mein”).
2. gujarati: tamaara maatey mhaari jaan
but before all this, i want ground breaking acts by Prabhuji, Loha and
Gunda to be screened.”

Maneesh Upmanyu warned people to stop this or they will be banned from life mailing list

But Saurav Khurana our batch topper sent a mail requesting for harayanvi movies
1. kuaara baap….
2. meri kaan mai jua…
3. teri baal mai kua…
4. Lado ki maa (part 2)

Badrinath also wanted to see the greatest-est movie Shivaji and some B-Grade Turkish Movies deceptively titled “Emret komutanim : Sah mat” and “Emret komutanim”.

By then a guy named Himank Sharma got quite bored with this action goig on and he nt being involved so he sent a mail asking the greatest Hindi Movie “Chhamiya” which has got awesome dialogues to be screened…. You hav to be a guy in IIIT to knw the special dialogues of the movie

Then Ankur Khare wantd “to see monica bellucci in action, screen Italian movies! ๐Ÿ˜€ ”

Abheet Bharti wanted Punjabi Movies too..
1. badla jatti da
2. jatt di pasand
3. kudi punjaban

After all, if everyone is coming to party, why should punjabees be left

John said “idhi voora keka!!!” Dunno what it means.. Someone comment on the post telling what it means

Rahul Chauhan
wanted the “screening of top most regional film “Dhakad Chhora” which
made a collection of 2 crores :).”

Finally Nishant Shobhit(Moderator of Life Mailing List) put his foot down saying
“Thats enough folks!
The DNS is down and emergency traffic moderation cannot be enabled right now.
Spammers will be banned permanently from the list.”

Even after that Ankur Jaiswal(ankur_j) wanted to see “teri lungi mera ghaghra” or “sasura bada paisawala”

After this Shrikant also sent a mail which was moderated in which he wanted to see the following Pappu series movies
1. Nappy mein Pappu
2. Pappu bana Champu
3. Pappu aur Chacha Chaudhary
4. Pappu wants Punjabi Cats( u knw the odr wrd)
5. Ye pappu pappu kya hai

After this final mail from Nishant Shobhit
All traffic moderated.
ankur_j banned.”

Finally the saga ended with a total of 48 mails in a little over 2 hours…

This was a most pleasurable experience and i will say Life mailing list roxxxx… This goes to show that how we IIIT-Hians do BC… Mail pe BC.. Gtalk pe BC (status messages).. BC hi BC..

Song of the Day-: Milegi Milegi from Sunoh by Lucky Ali

PS1:- Hon. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam coming to IIIT-H on 15th August and he will also be joining IIIT-H as distinguished faculty
PS2:- Mid sems approaching…
PS3:- Planning to see Chak De India today… lets see if it works out
PS4:- Watched Evan Almighty Yest.. okayish movie
PS6:- I almost alwyas write 5 PSes
PS7:- Today i will write more for sure….
PS8:- Weather is so good and burds are chirping somewhere near my room
PS9:- Waiting for 19th or 20th Sept when my sis(my mom n dad too but they will be going back) will be coming here. ๐Ÿ˜€
PS10:- There is so much scope for BC(not only online) in OBH. OBH roxx..
PS11:- Finally i got into double digits
PS12:- Bas bahut ho gaya
PS13:- Now this is it.. my birth date.. ๐Ÿ˜›

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