Finally I have reached the landmark, after about 2 years of blogging, I finally reach the milestone of 200th post on this blog and man does this feel wonderful :).  I am quite overjoyed on finally being able to score a double ton. I finally sit down to write down the 200th post and this was not done is a Sehwagesque manner with the help of a six when I was in 190s instead I being a true devotee of my God Sachin Tendulkar, decided to reach this landmark with caution and patience so that the fruit of success tastes more sweeter after all this waiting and hence taking 21 days to move from 196 to 200. They always say that the fruit of patience is always sweet, so I wanted to taste this sweet fruit. I don’t have any agenda behind writing this post, I am not gonna list out my fav posts as I did when I completed my century instead I am just gonna blabber whatever comes to my mind.
After having succesfully and continously udating this blog for more than 2 years and 200 posts, I can write this as my only achievement of consisteny in all these 21 years of existence. I always start doing things but always leave them midway, started writing a diary n number of times  but discontinued it after a few entries. Start studying for exams many times but always drop the book to return back to BC. This one thing has proved beyond any doubt that even I can be consistent and responsible when situation or my heart demands.
There have been quite a few gains which I have had as a result of starting and maintaining this post, along with sharing my thinking with many people. It  has also made me more of a thinker, these days I think on many topics which I wouldn’t have given a damn about before starting out with this blog, and ofcourse writing blogs has improved my writing a lot, I am not a good writer even now but if you have a look at some of my initial posts they just look like a pile of shit but now atleast I write a bit more coherent than before and ofcourse I also started to write a bit of poetry , one thing which I could only dream of all my life but now I can say that I am a bits and pieces poet.
It sure feels great when some unknown person from the other side of the globe comes on the blog and comments sometimes appreciating me and sometimes criticizing me. One thing blogging has given to the world is the freedom of writing , you can write whatever you feel, whenever you feel. You could be a great writer or you could be a piece of shit when it comes to writing but you don’t need anybody’s permission to write, just blog on when n where you wish. Thanks to blogging.
One more thing it has given me is the chance to interact with so many more people, the people whose blogs I read, people who read my posts, got to know few of the alumnus of my college courtesy this.
Right now I feel like all the cricketers do after having reached a big milestone. When I started out, I just wished to write without thinking of how far I will go but after coming here, I certainly feel that I have covered some serious distance and hope to continue this journey for many many years. I certainly feel like a veteran today, akin to what cricketers might feel after playing 200 ODIs
Cheers to Blogging & lifeizlikethat!! After all “Ye Meri Life Hai” 🙂
Sorry to bore you but just wanted to blurt it out, it feels great.

Missing them

Posting after a long time today… A new poem (if it can be termed so)

Ringing of the assembly bells
the murmurings in the lines
Angry stares of the teachers
friends laughing at the rebuking
those daily doses of homework
begging girls for their notebooks
standing out of the class as punishment
all the beatings recieved at the hands of teachers
fourth period spent eating lunch
a friend’s aloo ke paranthe
which he never could eat
being bulleyed by seniors
few years later returning the favour
Playing games in the interval
All the lab periods spent chattering
of crushes and love interests of one and all
the chemistry of relations brewing in chemistry lab
physical assaults in physics labs
those special assembly sessions missed
for music sessions at the roof
Being lined in front of Incharge’s Office as a result
Struggles to suppress our laughter in english class
Looking at the hot chick in the class opposite to us
falling from the chair in order to have a better look
all the gossips doing their rounds from one ear to other
falling for one girl after other
and ending up with none in the end
all the sleep overs at each others’ homes
looking at stars from the roof
the times of watching Baywatch for some action
Waiting for all and sundry to sleep at home
before switching to English channels
a time of innocence and simplicity
a time of wild and unbridled dreams
a time of carefree life
the days of my school life

Missing all those moments

Tried to write a poem but (I think) hasnt turned out that gud!! or even average!! Looks more like prose than a poem… I just kept writing
This is my 199th post.. Next one will be legen <Wait for it


Keep Waiting>

DARY!!! for me

Elder Siblings

I personally think, having an elder sibling is one of the best things which can happen to any person ever. Agreed, you have to tolerate the bullying all your life but that minus is also negated if your elder sibling happens to be sister. I am one of those fortunate people who have had the great fortune of having an elder sister.

My biggest helper in my childhood used to be my sister, who used to do all the drawings for me as I used to suck at drawing; well this is quite common for many guys who have sisters. The main thing of having an older sibling is that the person has always “Been there, Done that”. One of my biggest help in my 10th class was again none other than my sister. She was quite a shrewd person when it came to knowing what to study and I as usual being the lazy types never cared to see model papers and things like that. But my sister was (is?? 😛 ) a genious, she always had an idea about what to study and what not to in exams, which reduced the load of my history (the subject I dreaded most )course to atleast half and the second most dreadful course, the heavy weight Biology also, I could study only because of her, prior to my exam, I was in my typical “fati hui” state, it was only her who somehow made me study and remember all that bull shit.

That was all the story of past, now coming back to present and very near past. My sis being elder than me, got job before me and by grace of God, she landed up in Hyderabad and since then it has been a joy ride for me. Ofcourse with an earning sister, you tend to get gifts and all your dinners and expenses are paid for whenever you meet. Well this is all okay, no big deal in this, every one can do that but the best part is all the little little things which happen.

Almost all the times, I go to meet her, there is always maggi at her place ready to be cooked as soon as I come. For the first time in my 21 years, I don’t have to fight her for the TV remote at her house, it is always mine. All the t-shirts, I keep getting from her. The main thing is not about money spent, for the last 4 months even I am earning money thanks to Microsoft but even now when I get something from her; it is much more valuable than anything which I bought with my money.

All our lives, we detest being treated as small, young or kids but somehow even that thing looks so cool now. Generally you give small kids chocolates, toffees when you go and meet. These days whenever I come back from her house, many times I am loaded with chocolates or packets of toffees or kurkure. A very small gesture on her part but a thing which always pleases me no end. The thing which has been inspiration for the post.

Its not the stuff you are getting which pleases but the feeling of being cared for, feeling that there is someone who still thinks of you when you are the sole responsible person for yourself. The feeling of being a kid again, where someone gives you stuff. How I have missed all this for so many years!! How I wish this to continue forever.

Congratulations IIIT

Finally IIIT celebrated its first Bloggers’ Day and all I have to say in Congratulations IIIT for the awesome amount of blogging seen in IIIT on the day.

Taking a look at the stats, we had atleast 25 posts on 29th and 30th of August on the occasion of Bloggers’ Day. I also saw Gtalk status of many people telling about their latest posts (in some cases their first posts) which would take the count to atleast 30 posts for the Bloggers’ Day and this can’t be termed as any mean achievement. We also had 4 posts coming today which can also be counted as Bloggers’ Day posts thus taking the count to 35. 😀

Lets us all raise a toast to all the bloggers for making this day a memorable one. The biggest plus coming on this day was some of the UG3 bloggers coming to party. We were quite disappointed with UG3 but finally they too proved their mettle.  Cheers to u guys J

Though I would have loved to see some blogging from UG2 & UG1, may be next time we can hope to see some activity from these guys.

One post which celebrated the spirit of Bloggers’ day in real sense was this; where Vishnu Fafat rates the best posts of Bloggers’ day. Must read, I’ll say.

Due to the pathetic condition of net in hostels wasn’t able to publish this post till now. So now publishing it from MS.