5 Digit Mark comes to me!!!!

Finally !! Finally !! Finally i made it into 5 digit of my blog stats.After so many months of dedicated blogging my blog visits have exceeded 10k. Needless to say that i am happy on this achievement of mine. I made my first blog somewhere back in October on blogspot and posted my first post on 18th October 2005 and got the first comment on 2nd Dec(2 months after writing it…isnt it too much 😦 ) by none other than my current roomie Maruti but after that i left blogging and posted my next post in february but became regular to blogging in March and then shifted to wordpress sometime in the middle of April so i registered 10000 counts in 6 months.. 🙂 …good isnt it???considering it is a completely personal blog….

Wanna say thanks to all the regular readers of my blog and also the not too regular readers…….

Just wanna thank whoever came up with the idea of blogging coz blogging is the only work(if you can say so) which has had me attached to it and is the first thing in which i have been regular in my life…This blog has been my partner in my miseries , my happiness through this blog i have able to vent my frustration ,express my gratefulness which i would not have been able to do in person so this blog has just become a part of my life 😀

PS1:- ITWS project has completely fucked me up have been sleeping at 4,6:30 .7:30,4,8 am for last 5 five days and didnt sleep yest… 😦
PS2:- Also realised today that i completed 1 year in blogging world on 18th October 🙂

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Comfortably Numb

All of you must have heard the song by Pink Floyd but here is a poem by the name .This is a poem i saw on the blog of Sunshine and i found it very different,meaningful(as far as i could comprehend of it) and beautiful so thought of posting it on my blog for the people who read my blog but not her’s

Prick me life to see me bleed
Not once ‘d I wince in pain
For it’s been long I’ve killed in me
That feel of loss and gain.

And look into the mirror when
A stranger looks me back
Whose face I’ve known for ages now
Still kinship but I lack.

For it was me, yet was it me
Whose soul had weathered storms?
Had learnt to bear the silent screams
In life and all its forms.

And lost in lanes of stoic ways
Wings flapped like restless birds
Where silence in its mindless state
Would mean much more than words.

I learnt the ways of daedal earth
To kill all that I love
To shove my dreams in distant lands
Yet ask nor look above.

For the dead don’t rise to torture thee
My death knell came from life
From fiendish pain to comfort numb
The welcome change- a knife.

Stabbing pain in all its fury
No warmth or chill to feel
O salvation- ensconced in thy womb
The truth- a litany to reveal.

With dripping blood and poisoned wounds
None left to lose or gain
For it’s been long I’ve numbed myself
And learnt to live with pain.

PS1:- Life is so dull and boring….It suxx….
PS2:- Project work in full flow..Hope to get a decent grade in ITWS this time.. 🙂

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The sweetest word in the whole dictionary. The only person in the whole world whom you can trust whatever be the situation and rest assured that whatever she thinks will always be right for you and the best solution for you whatever be the problem you are facing…..What do you say about MOTHER well the heavenly relation on Earth. A person who never expects any thing from you and just keeps on giving you infinite and unconditional love all the time….

Just somehow seem to be remembering my mother more today something to do with going to chand’s house and meeting his home and feeling the same comfort which you can only experience in “Home Sweet Home”..Well mummy really missing you…Missing all the scoldings you gave me for not eating my food fast while watching tv after coming back from school, all your scoldings which i recieved when i didnt keep my shoes and clothes at their proper place and then you yourself hanging my clothes on the hanger, missing you for all the scoldings you have given me for all the scoldings i got from you for not studying (No one here to scold me for not studying so i dont even study a day b4 exam)….

Would like to mention this one thing that almost whole credit for shaping me and my academic life goes to my mummy. If i would have to state in % the share of ppl in my life towards shaping my career then it would be 25% me,15% my teachers, 10% other ppl my sis,dad n friends and the rest 50% credit is to her, my mother. Greatest source of strength in my life the key to my life and what not!!!

I always miss all the talks we had about the girls of my clas and she teasing me by the name of the girls in my class…..I consider myself lucky in this respect that i have got a mom who is somewhat a friend of mine who is always there to cheer me up by teasing me, treating me, making good food for me, buying gifts for me and doing all she could do……

I thank you for dedicating your life for me and my life…I thank you for all the hard work you did and all the strength you showed by living alone with us while my papa wasnt posted in Lucknow and she alone managed us, our household while living alone and our dad used to come intermittently to the home in lucknow..Well mummy i have seen you break down due to the strains and all the work you had done…..Well mummy i know only you could have managed to do such a thing..I have seen you kill your social life just so that you could concentrate on our studies….You never went to any parties which the ladies in our colony used to have so that you are always there when we come back from school….

Hey Mummy i just wanna tell you (though i know you will never read this post) that though i may have started getting bored in home now (coz of lack of friends in dehradun) but just know that i always love you and will always love you…and i dont say this to you ever because i dont want you to know that i am missing you and am sad which will make you remember me more and thus make you sad…..

Mummy i misss you too too much….And i know that i can always come to you and keep my head in your lap and cry if i ever want…Mummy missing you!!!!!!!!!

PS1:- Ate so much chicken in Chand’s house…..
PS2:- Diwali in IIIT…what to say except that i just lighted a rocket and a “fulzhari”(cant seem to remember the eng word for it)


Lucky !!!! AM I????

This festive season is a time to thank someone above for all the gifts he has showered on us….for all the deficiencies from which he has saved us…all the illnesses through which we hae survived thanx to his blessings…I think that almost all the people reading this blog are one of the luckiest people in the world that we have enough facillities that we can access net …ahve computers with us and all that………

The thought of us being lucky came to me when i went home(Dehradun :() and i saw a person who was lifting the waste of a community dustbin and putting it in to a truck to take it away and all that by hand and the next day i saw a young boy working in a shop and being made to work like a horse and on top of that hearing abuses. It is when i see such things that i come to realise that how lucky i am…..

At such times i realise that how lucky i am to have such parents who can afford my study an d that too at such a reputed institute, how lucky i am to have their hand over my head to help me from any difficulties, i realise that i am lucky coz allmy body parts are fine and fit and working i dont have any deficiency in any of my body parts, i realise that ia m so lucky because i ahave always recievd so much love and affection from all my friends and my dear ones and i want to thank all of them for all this….

I am so so lucky….
PS1:- Hey Vipul i guess now you know the reason for having that note being displayed on my cell(if you decide to read this post) 😉
PS2:- Don rockssss SRK rocksss…..Don is kewl…Do go and see the movie,dont miss it…:d
PS3:- Finally the second table will be out of my room tomorrow and my room will llok normal tom onwards..Thanx maruti for agrreeing to it.. 🙂
PS4:- Last few posts of mine have been posted in two categories ” My LIfe” and “Different” gosh…have to be different next time
PS5:- One of my very few short posts…..after a huge post last time

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Teaches are the people whom each and every person in his life at some point has looked up, they are the guides in the life of each and every individual and play a very important role in moulding the life of an indiviudal. Their role in a persons life comes after the Mother. So this is a post to remember all those people who have played a mjor role in shaping my career and me…. So i am listing some of the most memorable teachers who have taught me. This is a list of the teachers whom i would always remember reasons may be different actually this is an effort on my part to pay respect to those people and an effort to have contact with them again if any of them reads it…:)

I have divided the taechers according to the schools in which they taught me…..

MDS(Masseeh Dilasa School ),Uttarkashi

Aabha mam- She is the first teacher whom i remember vividly and one of my favourites. Sweet and soft hearted.She married an army officer and left the school…… I can still remember the farewell she got when she was leaving school when whole school assemblked at school gate to bid her adieu…. How i wish that i may encounter her somewhere walking on the raod …Pls pls pls God lemme meet her once….Mam i miss you too too much….She is the one teacher i wanna meet the most

Mehta sir – The Anglo- Indian teacher who usedto teach English in his own unique style and had guts to slam the door on the face of our principal when she was disturbing him…. 🙂

Madhavi mam – Once gain another sweet teacher used to teach us bio in class VII well she also got married and left the school (i guess dont remember that accurately its been 7 yrs since then )

CMS(City montessori School) Anand Nagar Branch, Lucknow

K Shukla mam – The first thing i can remember of her is, she dragging me out of the clas holding me by my tie coz i hadnt done my homework and it had been long overdue but after that i became her favourite pupil and she my fav teacher in that school. Ppl generally tend to dislike strict teachers but she despite being a strict one was highly popular among students….

Brijesh Sharma Sir – One thing on which i proud myself is my calculation and for that whole credit goes to thie teacher who taught me maths in class VIII. I can remember the day when he called me on the stage in front of whole school in the assemble and asked me some multiplications and that too orally and i answered them and that event raised me in the eyes of whole school…and instilled confidence in me that i am good at calculations….

CMS Station Road Branch, Lucknow

Tanvi mam – She was the daughter of K.Shukla maam whom i mentioned abve wasnt much older than us so we were quite free with her. She used to teach us Chemistry and to this date i can remember a class test we were giving of chemistry and my friend sitting beside me was trying to copy from my answer sheet using his spectacles to his benefit and the laughter into which she burst when she realised what was happening…. Another thing which i remember about her is the ring which she used to wear which had a watch in it….. Dheeraj sir – Well the person who used to teach us maths in class IX and whom i had given the title of “panwari’ coz mostly when he came to class his mouth was stuffed with tobacco and he used to use symbolisms to explain us sumthing and it was pain in ass to decipher him……I can remember the joy we had when a lizard dropped on his hand while he was sitting in our class…

CMS Kanpur Road Branch, Lucknow

Manoj sir – The teacher whom everybody feared and respected in our school… Never seen a teacher with so much knowledge of his subject as him. With his large and bulging eyes he could sure invoke fera in anybody’ s heart even the so called gundes of our school feared him and only him….Brijesh sir – The teacher who taught me maths for 3 years from 10th to 12th and for sure i respect him….for teaching us the basics of maths and for keeping myinterest in maths intact..

Leena mam – Another sweet teacher who was also young so we were quite free with her…I will always remember going to her pre wedding function. Pata nahin what more to say about her except that i miss her wish i could get her e-mail id from somewhere

PD Sharma Sir- PD Chacha as we used to call him fondly , the teacher with whom i have been mosty frank and that too upto an extent that we used to tease her by our English Teacher’s name. Have been treated to so many parties by him…Had an excellent knowledge of his subject and taught so well and his classes were so much fun tha one of my friend said that in his classes we used to study like nursery students “Khel khel mein padhai” and it was true….:)

Well i dont have much expectations that the elderly tachers will read this blog but may be some of the younger ones might stumble upon this one sometime in the future and that would be so generous on God’s part….

PS1:- Yesterday night was gr88888888….
PS2:- This post was not meant to be interesting.just an attempt to reach my teachers…
PS3:- Most of the teachers didnt get into tags coz i have info about them..
PS4:- Dunnno why is it giving the name of school in small letters and also the matter is also shifted forward… God onlyknows or may be wordpress ppl

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The villian whom i respect

He might be one of the most hated person in the history of the world but he cant be dismissed as just a devil, a cruel man responsible for World War II(killing 62 million people) and the holocaust(killing 9-11 million people) . All these facts are known to each and every person and these facts are true, so no one can or will ever deny the fact and thus his cruelty and the more i read about the Holoucast while writing this post more reasons i get for hating the policies of the man………

This is only a part of the story (though a major and disgusting part) there is other part to the person named ADOLF HITLER. “Hitler” the worst surname you could have in this world but i beg to differ a bit. I for my part respect the person for many qualities he had, he wasnt just an authoritarian who came to power and decided to start the concentration camps and kill 11 million people and he for sure wasnt the sole reason for the WWII. There were other reasons for the war. After the first world war Germany was supressed to a very large extent and the conditions in Germany had deteriorated beyond imagination. Germany from being a world power had been reduced to shambles. The condition in erstwhile Germany was so bad that ladies from aristocratic families were forced to be prostitutes. Now if some country goes through such a face due to some curbs by other countries then, for sure there are going to be retaliations in such cases. Th treaties after world war I were important reasons for the second one,most famous being Treaty Of Versailes and to quote wikipedia

The Treaty can be said to be the single most important, indirect cause of the war.The Treaty resulted in harsh reparations, territorial dismemberment, mass ethnic resettlements and hampered the German economy by causing rapid hyperinflation.The Treaty of Versailles was neither lenient enough to appease Germany, nor harsh enough to prevent it from becoming the dominant continental power again”

Coming back to the Man, I was talking about,Hitler, he was the man who instilled confidence in the minds of the people which were burdened by the Terms and conditions of First World War and then the great depression of 30’s. He was the “Knight in shining armour” for the German people(if you can say so). In him people could see hope for their better future. He was an excellent orator and is famous for his speeches which used to infuse people with excitement and desire to do somthing for the country and follow the Man and were a main cause of his rise to power, he was just a magician of this art. He was a meticulous planner and a genius sui generis.

He implemented many policies which helped reduce the problems of the German people, he reduced the unemployment by sending women home and instead men came to work. “Hitler also oversaw one of the largest infrastructure improvement campaigns in German history, with the construction of dozens of dams, autobahns, railroads and other civil works” and the finance for these constructions were handled by the currency manipulation which was later handled by the gold acquired from the foreign countris he attacked. We can for sure see his brilliance in implementing such ideas. He transformed Germany from a low lying nation to a super power, both in economic and military fields, in about 15-20 years.I bet no one can even think of accomplishing this feat in such a short span of time. After Bismarck, he can be said to be the person responsible for the development of Germany

Very few people know that he was also a man of artisitic bend and wanted to be a painter and after failing in this field, tried to become an architect but failed coz he hadnt passed school, so couldnt get admission into any architectural school at that time. If that would have happened the world would have been saved from destruction of such a large scale but the world would have not known a man of such extra ordinary abilities.

I since the time i can remember, hte first time when i read about WW I & II have always had a soft corner for Germany and its allies in both the wars, whenever i have read a history of these wars i have always hoped that instead of US,UK n allies , Germany would have won the battle. If Germany would have had won the wars History would have been written in a different way. i can see similarities between Hitler and Ravan(but not The Allies n Lord Rama), both were geniuses very strong men, men of considerable power and both had turned their land into a powerful country but got distracted from the path of righteousness(cabt say allies were righteous though) and the mistake they did was to fight against a power stronger than theirs.

PS1:- Different and terrible post, i know that!!!
PS2:- Hey this is only my view and i am not glrifying his policies about Jews so dont come to me with a knife….
PS3:- Just saw a map of countries during WWII and axis countries had occupied the whole of Europe(except England and Russia) and almost whole of South America….sexy mann!!! If that fucking USA would have entered into the war, Axis Powers would have won surely!!! 😦
PS4:- I dont know what will happen to my ITWS project… 😦

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Me n Death face to face

Have you ever stared into the face of death??? Sitting in a particular position and knowing that until and unless something out of the ordinary happens but you can’t do anything on your own except just waiting for the will of God to be executed. Not a pretty good situation to be in and you would never hope to be in such a situation. I would like to relate one such experience i have had in my life when i just escaped death thanx to some good deeds i might have done in my previous births (as elders put it)…

This incident occured in May 2005 some time before coming to the college. I was coming from dehradun and was going to the horrible place called “Ghansali” where my dad is posted….horrible coz its such a small place that you dont even get cd’s of movies on rent…Thankfully we live in Dehradun not Ghansali….So coming back to the main course about the incident that happened and about which i have set out writing the post.

Now coming to the main course of event about which i am gonna write. As i have written earlier that we were going from Dehradun to Ghansali and it is uphill journey. We were going on at our usual speed, the drier who was driving the car is famous in my dad’s office for driving the best and the fastest amongst all the drivers in the division. As we were going on we saw a tanker carrying petrol was lying on the road upturned and petrol was leaking from the tanker and the whole road was drenched by the petrol leaking from the tanker. The people standing there were quite busy in collecting the petrol which was going wast and running down into the deep ravine. We obvioulsy didnt stop to collect the petrol which was flowing down into the valley down.

We would have moved about a kilo meter from that place and our driver needed to apply brakes for some reason. The result of applying these brakes was that our vehicle which was i think TATA SUMO started skitting on the road and it went out of his control and after going on like this for some 100-200 meters, it turned and started moving towards the valley head on. You cant imagine my situation when i saw the vehicle going towards the abyss with even the breaks he was applying not being able to curb the momentum of the vehicle as the tyres were slipping due to the petrol which had clinged to them. As the car went on without anything to stop it.

As the front tyres of the vehicle reached the edge of the road, i became just “COMFORTABLY NUMB” i wasnt able to move even a sinew in my body, the frame of my mind at that instant was such that i was just prepared and waiting for death to come and embrace me coz nothing was in my control or for that matter of anybody who was present at that except the omnipresent and omnipotent The Almighty. The vehicle moveed forward and the tyres went out of the bounds of the road and the front tyres were hanging in air and i seated in the front seat was staring into the abyss and thinking about my family — my sister,my cousins and all the relatives …how will they feel when they hear about me and another thought was about my friends…. “Will they ever come to know that i died in a stray accident?? Will they just keep tring to access me and finally think that i had deserted them??”……………

Just then miracle of miracles, the vehicle stopped abruptly and i heaved a sigh of relief and then it dawned upon us that though it had stopped even then we were in mortal fear of the vehicle going down in case we jumped out suddenly. Our situation was similar to that shown in many pictures though less critical, our jeep was stable and it wasnt having a to and fro motion like a pendulum (as is shown in movies)…..After some time i and our driver bhaia got down vry carefully to lessen he burden from the front part and then gradually my parents also got down and even then the jeep was stable. We got down and noticed to our relief that a sort of pillar made of cement(which are placed on the sides of almost al the roads in hilly region) had broke down due to the collision with the jeep and had somehow aligned in a way that it came between the tyre of the jeep and the footboard of the driver and that was the reason of our jeep stopping when even the breaks had ceased to work.

Few moments later a jeep carrying people came near us and stopped and the people who are acquaintances of ou rdriver came and bailed ur jeep out of the mess it was in and we resumed our journey though with a special feeling of escaping the imminent death which was looming on my head.That day and upto this day whenever i am traveling through a hilly terrain i am never as comfortable as i used to be before this incident. Its just that something starts playing in my subconcious mind whenever the car i am travelling nears the edge of a road. Just hope that such an experience never happens with anyone again and i would like to THANK the ALMIGHTY for bringing me out of this situation without even a minor injury…….

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