Smells like Teen Spirit

I am
Just a nineteen year old
Standing there on the threshold
Gay abandon of childhood I look at, with eyes closed
Doors of youthful maturity I am knocking at

Sometimes with a desire to turn grey
Wishing at times to be a toddler
Loneliness is my passion at hours odd
At others its the company of people I long for

Constantly seeking knowledge
Avoiding refinement at every step
Falling in love times hundred a day in a dreamy world
Breaking down with pain being the only respite

Scathing rage I burn in, at times
Only to be run down by a shower of love
Trying to run away from the world every day of life
Careful not to miss the pits in this journey unknown

I fly high and the next I go slow
Sometimes I am so cool, mostly just a fool
Mostly lost, wondering where to go next
I am just a teenager soon to be some paid labour

And Until that day comes
Let me run around in the rain
While I shall laugh a little
And think of mountain chains i can conquer


Abbey Road

At times I sit back in my room and wonder
My life would have been so much more simpler

If only I had owned a hotel
Which would take care of my earnings total

The life of me and my honey pie
Would always be as easy as a pie

I would choose a location hilly and nice
Would be surrounded on all side with fields of rice

The walls, the floor and roof shall all be wooden
While the music shall ensure none of my guests remain sullen

The service at the hotel shall always be great
And I shall treat each guest as my very dear mate

To all my departing guests I shall present a souvenir
Of all the good times they spent here, it shall act as a reminder

I would love to name it Abbey Road
While Sgt. Pepper’s Club would be my own humble abode

All the year round we would celebrate and be merry
Burden of tensions and worry I shall never carry

Coz my hotel would be the one giving me all the money
While I shall live a life long honeymoon with my honey

PS : To celebrate 45th anniversary of Beatles getting the MBE!

Lennon vs McCartney

Towards the end of The Beatles, the inter Beatles relations had come to an absolute low and they were showing their rage against each other, only way they knew, through the means of songs. It all started with the song “Wah Wah” written by George Harrison for his old time friend and the one who introduced him to Lennon and effectively made him a Beatle. McCartney came up with his version of Lennon bashing with the song Too Many People. But the song we are talking about is, How Do You Sleep, John’s response to Paul completing a sort of chain.

George Harrison played guitar on the song, and Klaus Voormann(the man who created the cover of Revolver played bass on the song, both long time McCartney friends, thus hurting him even more. Ringo, the only Beatle who was against the disbanding visited the studio during recording of the song and was reportedly upset saying “That’s enough John”

Having a look at the lyrics, anyone can make out what this song refers to

So Sgt. Pepper took you by surprise
You better see right through that mother’s eyes
Those freaks was right when they said you was dead
(We all know about the Paul is dead controversy)
The one mistake you made was in your head
Ah, how do you sleep?
Ah, how do you sleep at night?

You live with straights who tell you you was king
Jump when your momma tell you anything
The only thing you done was yesterday
(Yesterday is THE most popular song Paul wrote as part of the Beatles)
And since you’re gone you’re just another day
(Another day was the song Paul recorded after leaving the Beatles)
Ah, how do you sleep?
Ah, how do you sleep at night?

Ah, how do you sleep?
Ah, how do you sleep at night?

A pretty face may last a year or two
But pretty soon they’ll see what you can do
The sound you make is muzak to my ears
(Comparing his songs to muzak/Elevator music)
You must have learned something in all those years
Ah, how do you sleep?
Ah, how do you sleep at night?

Paul’s answer to this was Let Me Roll it, a song sung and written in John’s style and can be seen as an olive branch offered to John! Thus trying to tone down the bitter feelings at both ends.

Religion & Me

Religion is a thing, which almost every individual on the face of the earth comes in contact with sometime or the other in his life. Some take to it like a fish longs for water, for some its just another thing, while for some its just another of those burdens that the society has levied on them. I consider my self to be one of the last type. The only problem being, just like the quote goes “50 Million Elvis fans cant be wrong”, similarly I believe billions of people cant be wrong all the while not considering myself to be entirely wrong.

The most erratic thing I find in religion is the fact that it makes human weaker. Religion as we are always made to believe is the strength of a man, its the recluse in times of worries. God is the support man looks to, when he himself isnt able to do much. Barring a few regular ones most of the people around us remember God only when there’s some trouble they are facing. That generally constitutes my main problem with religion, it seems to undermine the inner strength that a human has. Come any sort of trouble and instead of digging down deep inside ourselves, all we look to do is, go to His door. One of them ost admirable thing in humans along with the brain is, his spirit. The ability of never saying Die is one of the best quality a human has which is what, I think religion deprives men of. The most futile exercise in my mind is leaving it to God, which is almost always the basic tenet of every religion on the face of earth.

Another problem I have with religion is with the so called representatives of religion. A government is as good as its leaders and a belief is as good as the people in whom the belief rests. Myself being a Hindu(as of yet), thats gonna be the one I will talk about and among the billions or so Gods(which again is an absurdity beyond my comprehension) the two most powerful/mosty worshipped ones are Ram & Krishna. Gods are supposed to be the supreme examples of virtue, supposed to be the upholder of justice in short they are supposed to be the alpha men of the society when it comes to being righteous, yet the less we talk about Lord Krishna in this regard, the better it shall be for his own repute. While Krishna has always been portrayed as the naughty God(whatever that might mean) but Ram has always been the maryada purushottam. One who left his own wife for the sake of maryada, was the same individual who killed Monkey King Bali by deceit. The whole episode of Ramayana was the result of a stupid mistake by his own brother (cutting Surpanakha’s nose & ears). Couldnt the omnipotent, the omniscient God, the avatar of Vishnu have gone and stopped his brother, who as we gather is not a God, so prone to such foolishness. Granted they were men of action, they were powerful and must’ve been wise, but I guess Hitler also possesed the same qualities and whatever he did, was done for the sake of his country.

The question I have about Ram, Is the systematic destruction of two huge armies and almost an entire kingdom just for the sake of a lady worthwhile, does this really suit a king/God. In this regard, I would always consider Mahatma Gandhi, a much superior human than these two individiuals I have mentioned above. He helped people accomplish much bigger tasks than rescuing an abducted wife or settling a family feud and did it with the minimum harm. Then why should I go on worshipping these flawed individuals and sing praises in their honour?

And I havnt at all gone into the various dogma and various disrepencies caused by the religion along with several unnecessary practices enforced on us humans coz of religion.

Although going outright lambastic about religion is, again something I am not in favour of, just like every other thing in our life, religion has its two faces. An atheist once he loses his morals can fall to any extent, while a theist (in real sense) even if deprived of his morals, might be afraid of the Gods and the treatment which might be meted out to him at their hands, so in some sense Religion can act as a deterrent as well as Dam to check the growing negativity in the world and yet the single biggest failure of religion has been its complete inability to do so.

In the end, I would just like to ask my intellectual religious friends a question. Why should I follow religion.