Boy who yearned to talk

Once upon a time
With the blessings of thyme
Lived a boy who yearned to talk
Blessed octogenarian or a child small
Entertaining ’em all fell in his happy domain


And, if stars were aligned
He could talk a challenge or two
Emboldened by his speaking prowess
Headache once he gave, as a challenge
A friend who spent his teenage without the range


In the great magnetic field
Opened were the strings of time
When he travelled time, a decade apart
Gift of gab was gone with the fervour of life
Stood the Iron Man, dazed with a callous psyche


And yet, the birds do fly
Can he, wonders he, the man
Lit a room with a laugh boisterous
Or a saunter through an afternoon siesta
Mauled where the sleepiest be, with token of fun


And so, decade anew comes
Tidings shall turn as passes time
Brooding philosopher with a dog and books
Or be he, man of world, dancing in a room on top
He’ll do it, read and dance, and in the course, future decide

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