Hip Hip Hurray

I guess in these days tv is the source of entertainment which has got the widest base in the Indian Junta .. You can easily see by considering the billions and zillions spent on tv advertisements every year. The idiot box as it was termed by the someone whom i neither know nor have the intention of knowing.. coz its not certainly the idiot box… sure its responsible for spoiling many young bright kids and curb their imagination and blah and blah and blah but whatever who cares …Its the best form of entertainment available to ppl staying at home and can’t get out and have their share if fun… 🙂

Recently i have been into watching that 70’s show and i was just giving a thought to the quality of tv shows we get in India that can cater to the choices of us young ppl. Sure we have a lot of soaps on the tv courtesy our dear Ms. Ekta Kapoor God can somebody tell her to chill out… I just hate her shows!!!(Well.. who doesnt).. I agree that there are good shows , good comedy shows but they are targeted at the general crowd there is nothing which can just cater to us growing kids or a bit grown ups…

Thinking of such shows i can just think of a handful ok ones..if u leave out shaktiman and all the stuff like that .. and i can come to the conclusion that there was only one show which could appeal to the feelings of ppl my age or the general term can be Youngsters and very few ppl would disagree with me if i say that HIP HIP HURRAY was THE SHOW which was made for ppl of our age group and we could connect… I can still recall many episodes of the show though it must be about 6-7 years when i last saw it… and i can say for sure that i was real fond of it without any doubts…it was just THE show.. they portrayed the school life in such a good way and it seemed so real and life like… One good thing was that 25 yr old ppl werent playing the roles of 12 th class students. I was a tad too young for a few of the things in the show but even then i used to enjoy it… One thing for sure which i would have liked to be incorporated in my school was the length of the skirts the girls in Hip Hip Hurray used to wear …the girls were just too sexy but it was tv after all 😉

One god thing about the show was that it almost always had a moral in the end for ppl to take heed to..not as if i ever paid attention to the moral..I can still remember the episode about a cricket match when the captain of their cricket team (Think it was raghav ..????) admitted to not taking a catch clean when the umpire had declared the batsman out and i (along with their team) couldnt have been more angry at him but the talk that he gave after the match when they were sitting at an eating place was sumthing kool..i remember it but dont feel like writing it here

Who can forget the characters of John, Raghav, Cyrus and Mona and a lot of names which i just cant seem to remember now. I can just say that this show is embedded somewhere deep in the memories of my growing up. Now i just cant think of reasons how a public who can make melodramatic shows like Kyunki and kahani and blah blah blah super duper hits could have accepted a true to life show like Hip Hip Hurray… It was such a good description of the teenage life and the last years of school life a memory which evryone cherishes whole life………

Part II of Hip Hip Hurray was also started with all the guys in college but it was nowhere near the standards set up by the first part and was rejected by the junta. Another show which i used to like a bit was JUST MOHABBAT it was an okayish sort of show…Nowadays we have REMIX running on tv(hell i dont know if its running even now… but who cares) and after watching a few episodes of it.. it also resembles the saasbahu serials we have these days…back biting,complicated story plots and to top that glamorous moms…crap One thing i just hate about that show is that Tia talking about herself in third person..gosh this suxxxx…cant u be more real while making shows…

How i would die to have the episodes of that show on my laptop as we have them of so many shows…. It would just be so great
Aaj Humara, Kal Apna
Koi mane ya na mane
Apni to hasti hai..

PS1:- Holidays coming to an end..enjoyed them with that 70’s show and still enjoying…
PS2:- Feeling so hungry right now at 6:43 am damn the canteen it closes even before 2:00 am
PS3:- Had set out writing out various shows but just ended writing about Hip hip hurray had to change the title too from blah blah abt TV to HIP HIP Hurray!!!

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122 thoughts on “Hip Hip Hurray

  1. even i havnt seen hip hip hurray…
    but i really miss “Small Wonders” one of the funniest tv shows ever aired without any doubts …. isnt it.

  2. I too like both Hip Hip Hurray and JUST MOHABBAT.(In fact I still watch Just Mohabbat sometimes on Sony Channel morning around 6:00AM probably thur).Hoping to get these shows in DC someday.

  3. Hip Hip Hurray was a great sitcom.Unfortunately the actors from that serial are now doing those typical ekta kapoor kinda characters(rembr Noni – Mazhar’s gf and raghav in India Calling)which is sad coz they started of on a high note.Remix was good but not comparable to HHH.70’s show is kewl and so is Ashton Kutcher!!!!

  4. hey dude i loved both d show HIP HIP HURRREY and JUST MOHABBAT
    and d sexy saloni of just mohabbat was simply awesome…
    hey i’ll try if i can get u d episodes of dese shows on ur lappie…
    but after my exams gets over ok dude…
    tab tak intezar kar and make me remember dis thing
    so i’ll get u some episodes of it …ok
    TC and bbye

      1. Hey Buddy…if u have the episodes of Hip Hip Hurray then plz give it to me too…i like that show…even i use to watch it on Disney Channel but now they switch the show with a nonsense show like Kya Mast hai LIfe…

  5. Yaar, Hip hip hurray was an awesome serial and i remember each and every episode i saw and everybody over thr.Be it mehul,bela,kiran,majhar,raghav,john,syrus,mona,nony,pishita,rafi or their maths teacher.Loved that serial and if u get its episodes do tell me also.Good Post!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. @ Karan: You havent seen the show???? you life is ruined too…
    @ Shrikant: Same for you 🙂 and that was a very good pj ….fuck you
    @ Summu : Ya it rocked man…
    @ Akshay : Same here
    @ Namrata: ya both that 70’s how and ashton Kutcher are kewl
    @ Anshul: I wud be blessed if u cud do this
    @ prashasti : you seem to be a great greta fan of the show 🙂 i cud remember only 3-4 of them and you!!!!

  7. yeah the show was some thing really amazing….i have some special memories along with HiP HiP HuRrAy…
    i was 11th standard in school that time, and soon after coming from school i used to watch it…and then making calls to the friends & disscussing about the episode….i remember every one especially BELA, MONA, NONIE, MAZHAR, JOHN, MEHUL, CYRUS, and all….
    I am glad that i have their 22 episodes in video cassetes…

    1. Hey Hemant ,

      is there ne possibility for you to upload those videos to upload on internet.

      pl do it bro.. we really loved the show…

  8. This show was one of the best ever made school-days shows (Remix suxxxs and so does other recent ones). Those who haven’t seen it, they definitely would be missing it.
    If Hemant can convert the VHSs to CD/DVDs and upload/share them thru torrents that wud be toooo great. Do you (Hemant) need any help regarding the conversion?

  9. ok i dont know u but, i was searchin for this show just mohabbat..i used to watch it back in the days when i was in india, but then we moved to canada, n when i googled it, i came upon ur blog… i reallllllllllly wanna know whats up with that show, if it ended, or it goes on…whatever…u see my email, if u can pls let me know! thxxx

  10. Gosh, guys…HIP HIP HURRAY rocked…!!
    I was jst in 7th std, n still watched da show, how wud i long to also experience da same life….
    please, hemant do try n put up da episodes on net….
    Im dying to watch them again n cherish those long lost memories….!!!!

  11. Hip Hip Hurray (series 1) and Just Mohabbat are seriously one of the best shows on Indian TV. They were so much more than an entertainment resource, they were so lifelike and thought provoking. Just Mohabbat is rerunning on POGO these days and I hope Hip Hip Hurray gets back on TV soon.

  12. i love hip hip hurray.i wish zee starts it again.i am dying to know why did u replace characters of mira[prite narayan N prishita which were originally played by shevta salve by kulraaj randawa.please put all the episodes on the net N also suggest a simple method for downloading because i really miss the show.mona,mira,alisha,prishita,nonee,bela,samantha,kiran,john,cyrus,mehul,manjeet,ragav,mayher,rafay,alaknanda mam,wineet sir,chandrakant sir MISS U ALL

  13. Hi Himank, You are right Hip Hip Hurray is a cool & must watched show but let me tell you if u like this then u definately likes Happy Go Lucky, Boy Meets World, Hannah Montana, Lizzie Mcguire,& Don’t Blame The Koalas & other shows of Disney Channel, Pogo & Cartoon Network and I agrees with u that the shows of Ekta Kapoor is nothing but just a waste work, If u wants anything to tell then write me at ajaymatthew@aol.com

  14. hip hip hurray was 2 good….
    i didnt watch its original series when it was shown once a week( i suppose)…
    but i regularly followed its reshows which were alll tru the week….
    a gem of a serial tat was….
    yea n u mentioned of the cricke match… i rem raghavs words in the cafe …. i was like..” ek choti si cricket match ke liye hum apne usool(or adarsh or something like tat) kyoon choode” tat was 2 good
    hats off hhh..
    hey but here another truth… if atall hhh wud be played back now.. it doesnt appeal much… coz we now knw its all charcters in diff roles… n to see hw they looked yrs back isnt much fascinating…..
    just mohabbat was good in its iniial few episodes n last few…
    here again i rem tat episode…
    jay had ran away frm marriage wid aditi n she was depressed n she cut hey blood vessel…..then i rem… it was jay’s mom(maya) who went to her n said the golden words…… “you cant give any person in ur life so much importance tat he can make u ur presence felt”
    n tat i still say 2 myself when nyone hurts me… n i cheer up again!!

  15. hey hemant … i have read lyk u got sum ot episodes of hip hip huray yaar i love dis how can u plz plz plz plz upload it sumwhere on net n tell meeh da link so dat i can wathc it plz plzpl

    Hip Hip Hurray is a television show that rocked.How i wish it still came.i wish someone would replay the episodes or cast it on the internet.The shows which are made these days are nothing compared to those shows that existed a few years ago..all the shows which are made these days are the same old crappy stuff which never go further.I watched Hip Hip Hurray when i was in the fifth grade and i used to love it.it is true that there (were) a few shows like remix and hotel Kingston but everything stopped!I.So anyone who reads this and is capable of replaying this show,pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    easeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee(with as many eeeee’s)lol,replay it!!There are so many of us out here who are dying to watch it.And please inform me if anyone knows where it is being played..It used to come on Hungama before but it stopped.I hope someone reads this and can try doing something about our desire of watching HIP HIP HURRAY!!!!

  17. Well i totally agree with you my frnds tht bothof these serials were really really good !

    Can somebody help me put finding the title track of Just Mohabbat ..which was sung by KK ..

    it was like this( chin china k bubla boo zindagi me 100 sukh .what to do what to do ? )
    plz help me find this song ..ill be realy thankfull

  18. heyy i jst luv HIP HIP HURRAY……hey guys u can watc first episode of hiphiphurray ……..jst click the below website….

    i watchd hip hip hurray-2……..it was awesum………..

    i wish ekta kapoor produces such serrials………

    and DHOOM MACHAO DHOOM on disney channel[mon-thur 7:30pm n 9:30pm] is jst similar to hip hip hurray….it is also abt skool going students…n their skool life,……..

    it is fun to watch such serials…….

    i miss hip hip huurray 😦

    i wish if anyone upload those episodes on net…….

  19. o man it was my fav show on tv,,,,,be cos a bit of my school life was almost same……….i love………………n any one can put on net it would be grt…………….

  20. hey…i LOVEDDDDDDDDDD the show….used to watch it as a child….realli miss it…can any1 PLEASEEEEEEE tell me where i can get videos of the show in any format VCR/VHS/DVD/VCD woteva even if its on the internet bcoz i reallliii wanna watch it…..lemme know my add is hrithik_roshni@hotmail.com any hu finds it will be the best…..it wud bring bak my childhood memoriesssss..

  21. hey any of u knows if that serial is shown on any tv channel nowadays……….i really miss it…damn!!! i used to watch it wen i was a kid…….i wanna see it again……

  22. hey guys this is nupur… I used to write and direct Hip Hip Hurray… the 1st series set in school. I just happened to tumble on to this blog and read all your posts – and am totally overwhelmed with your views – can’t believe you guys still remember and love my show! Thank you!

    1. nupur maam i just loved hip hip hurray have really fond memories … please tell me whr can i get the DVDs and please make something like it again and save indian television

  23. i like the show very much .. i dont like watching serial s but .hip hip hurray is the only serial which i have not missed a single episod…. i wish if i can get its cd or dvd then i can see it when ever i want ..and as much times i want

  24. ये एक दम मस्त सीरियल था … जितिनी बार देखो कम लगत है …मेने ये सीरियल पहली बार ज़ि में देखा फिर इसको हंगामा पर देखा कुछ भी कहो जी नहीं भरता…ऐसा एक भी सीरियल अज की तारिक में नहीं है…….

  25. I can’t differ to a single sentence in your post dude…. you’ve just mirrored my thoughts…

    While you were 6-7 years old when Hip Hip Hurray was aired..I was 17. Meaning, I was in my prime and couldn’t connect more with the show…

    If I remember correctly, the show had started in Oct/Nov 1998, the same time around when Kuch Kuch Hota Hai was released.

    It really was a great show…I’ve spent so many hours on the internet looking for a dvd/vcd/cd of it..but can’t find anything anywhere…. and that’s how I ended up being here..

    I too didn’t pay much attention to Just Mohabbat in the beginning…but when Jay got elder (like our age), then I started liking the show…and the character of Saloni was too hot for me to handle back then..;) I just used to watch it for her..

    Actually, due to such shows Sony became my favorite channel..and it still today is..unfortunately I have barely watched in past 4 years now…

    Anyways..good post and last but not the least..I hope somebody kills Ekta Kapoor and sets Balaji Telefilms on fire…

  26. Hip Hip Hurray was a awsome show..
    just loved it..
    Hey can anybody tell me, is this series replayed on any of the tv channels?

  27. Hip Hip Hurray was a GREAT show!!
    Watching it brings back memories..I used to watch it with 4 of my other friends and it was a blast!!
    Does anyone has the whole series? I would absolutely LOVE to have it. Let me know…I am DYING to watch this show all over again!

  28. I loved the show ” HIP HIP Hurray” Can someone please upload the videos of this serial and get me the link!! even I m dying to enjoy the show againnn!!!

  29. fully agreed to all of u the yester years were rocking .i was in ma 6th grade when d show took off air and by d time i reached 7 grade i guess it was d most butfull period of my time till date so i cud relate my old lost memmories and sit forward to watch it jus to cherish my old memmories n school life

  30. hey…even i luved hip hip hurray…i was in 6 std tht time…SAW IT FROM FIRST EPIDOE ONWARDS….BEFORE THT,i ws a big fan of I DREAM OF JINNIE IN SONY …WEN I WAS IN 2. OR 3 STD…1995…ANYBODY REMMBERS THT???
    serials like small wonder,just mohabbat wer fabulous…
    hey guys dont u like DEKH BHAI DEKH….the only family soap opera without saas bahu drama…i used to luv shekhar suman n tht….


  31. Working in South Korea since over a month now, I started my day today like any other day. Got up, got ready, got to the office, got working. But, suddenly, somehow, I was reminded of Hip Hip Hurray! I brushed aside the thought and pressured myself to continue working. Only to realise that the force of the thought was overwhelming.

    Having been incapacitated by the thought, I typed “hip hip hurray” in my Google Search Engine. After trying the first search result, Mouthshut (which was blocked), I stumbled upon the second link, this blog.

    Read through the entire post and all the responses and all the memories of that series came crashing onto me like a Tsunami wave. Was one of the more unfortunate kids of my time that did not have cable TV at their homes, but I had soomehow managed to watch some episodes of the series. And even though I am a born cynic, I have to concede that it is one of the best Indian series ever made.

    Guys, all of you completely echo and capture my feelings and emotions for the series. And many special thank yous and obeisances to Nupur. Nupur, I think you’re amazing to create such an honest and beautiful piece of work. You did not create a TV series. You created art.

    PS1: I met the older Sanju (Jai’s best friend in Just Mohabbat) in a local train when I was in Mumbai in February 2008. He is a photographer now.

    PS2: I also met Saloni (Jai’s girlfriend in Just Mohabbat) when I went to an advertisement audition with one of my model friends in Mumbai in February 2008. Yeah, she (Saloni) still is VERY hot. And her legs… (I’ll have to use unparliamentary language to describe them).

  32. lord!!!!!!!!!!
    i’m so grateful o u Chi!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    U’ve totally made the rest of my life…I’m indebted….!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. a awsme show which relates the live and us
    the guys & gals there are simply coooooooooooooool
    splialy cyrus
    i m nowaday regularly watching its epi on rajshri.com
    here is the link for u all &if any one has some informathion about shaws to be telecasted on tv plz let us also know




  34. what happens to various characters of hip hip hurray in the final epsiode ? Any link to that episode
    —thank you

  35. hip hip hurray the very name brings back old memories , it was the perfect mix of humour & yet wasnt slapstick ,all the chracters were so real
    the song was almost an anthem
    “aaj hamara kal apna koi mane ya na mane
    apni hasti hai masti ke hasti tarane” hip hip huurrayy

  36. Sooo…I ended up on this blog when I googled Hip Hip Hurray….and I also got to see the episodes on rajshri.com…anywayz..the reason I’m leaving a comment here is ‘coz the person who wrote this…whoever u are! u basically read my mind yaar…this is one of the best shows indian television has ever put forth…even now it remains a classic teen show! I mean the jokes and masti are still as good as new and I think ppl can still relate to it…after I started watching it again I began to catch up on the morals and all..which ofcourse I didn’t really notice the first time around..but seriously..this is probably the best showw ever..and its sad that we will never have such shows because of all the drama going on in showbiz and all…ah w/e anywayz…I love the show! hip hip hurray!

  37. omg i guessed typed hip hip hurray becoz i was missing the show so much. actually just saw kismet connection. n i luv vishal malhotra in the movie. i like him from his disney club days wen i was 9 yrs old. i wanted to download the title track is was so cute. aaj haamre …. the show was so cute n innocent. then the college one start i didnt get to see that. u know i actually saw the shooting of hip hip hurray in water kingdom in mumbai. they were just running around n it was scotching hot. n i took photos too, but i dont know wat happened to them.

    soo right u made me realise wat shows are there for the young children. wen we were young we had so many program in our memories. but now the kids get a daily dose of extreme drama. they hav no idea wat they have missed.

    skini me too i used to watch those dramas too. hahaha i was also in 3rd in 95.

  38. Dear Nupur,
    It was great to hear from you on this blog roll. There are no limits to thank you for writing shows like Hip Hip Hurray which is an immortal one. If you want to gift something else to your art lovers, give them ecstasy of Hip Hip Hurray once again. I am a young writer and will be more than pleased to discuss a script with you for this show. PLease contact me on bhayana2@gmail.com
    I’ll be grateful to you throughout my existence if you contact….

  39. hip hip hurray was the BEST show everrrrrrrrr!!! I don’t think aaj tak koi bhi aisa show hai jo usko takkar de sake… bessssst memories yaa! I was dying to find people who felt the same way about HHH, and I’m so glad I randomly came across your post. thanks buddy!

  40. Hi Friends,

    i was a big fan of Hip Hip hurray. just today morning the serial name zipped thru my mind & i decided to browse the net for downloading the episodes. this is how i came to this blog. first of all thanks for informing tht the episodes are available on rajshri.com for free viewing.but v cannot download from here.
    i searched more & found out the website from which the Torrent of the full series can be downloaded. given below is the link


    The problem is that there is a registration fee of $5 tht u have to pay to become member of the site & hten only u can download the episodes.but Rs 260 is a small amount to pay for access to the best Serial ever. i m trying to find out the sites for free downloads will post if i m lucky.

    If someone has the link to free downloads for the episodes, do mail me at siddlovesu@yahoo.com

  41. hey…i HAVE seen hip hip hurray….i was about 7 years old and i dunno why but i still remember it.
    i remember the feeling i used to get everytime i saw it. lol. its silly but i actually used to look up to them..in a weird kinda way.

    i really really miss the show. a few months back i was in full procrastinaiton mode so i decided to look for the show on the internet. i mean..comon..google SHOULD have answers to all lifes questions. but unfortunately it let me down.

    i even emailed the zee tv people asking them if there was a way i could watch the show. but they replied back saying that there were copyright problems. i’d do anything to watch that show again..

    i took down the link that siddarth gave. but yea..i’d like a free one too.

    the amazing thing is..that because of the whole media awareness…indian and pakistani kids grew up watching the same shows..like just mohabbat and and disney hour (dubbed in hindi!) and hip hip hooray and wat not.

    altho..i did find the first episode on youtube. but it just makes me want to see the whle series.

    someitmes…wen i see the old cast members in todays tv shows or movies..it takes me back to the good old days. they made me look fwd to highscool life. i miss em.

    ok. i’ll stop now. too much random thoughts for one day.

  42. I was 9 when Hip Hip Hurray first aired on Zee TV and though I haven’t seen it in such a long time but I stil remember it so distinctly. Every single girl in my class (including me) had a huge crush on Rafe (Zafar Karachiwala – btw I recently spotted him in one scene in A Mighty Heart, having dinner with Angelina Joile) and I also really liked Shweta Salve as Prishita and Nauheed Cyrusi as Meera, especially in that episode where she makes an online friend (it was hilarious).
    I miss Hip Hip Hurray!
    I miss all the other shows that came back then, especially Hubahu!!
    I miss watching good shows on tv!!!
    I miss my childhood!!!!
    I miss the 90s!!!!!

  43. Omg .. I am feeling all nostalgic now . I miss this serial so much. I don’t know if any hindi soap/serial would ever turn out to be this good. This was the best teenage show. Actually not just the best “teenage show”,but “The best show ever”. And i really pity today’s kids. They don’t know what they missed out on. Today’s all kiddie shows are just too melodramatic,fake and wannabe types.Even the acting is pathetic. It doesn’t even have good humour in it, They are very kiddish. I cant even pick out one serial which is for teenagers or to which a teenager could relate to. How i wish they would show it again !!!!

  44. hey guyz..me too is a fan of thz awesome serial..i want to noe d lyricz of thz serial..title track..cn neone help meh out,…puhhliezz…[:p]

  45. wow!!hip hip hurray surely rocked and rocks till noe…
    hey can anyone please please also upload DHOOM MACHAO DHOOM VIDEOS..please…
    i couldn’t find them anywhere….
    it comes on disney ..

  46. hiiiiii i hv started watching the show hip hip hurray again, n i really miss my childhood, i also want to watch the show just mohobbat if someone has the link like rajshri.com will be grateful to u

  47. those days were truly great i and my both the elder bros used to watch it together we even got ample of JUST MOHABBAT & HIP HIP HURRAY and still while wacthing it we all still love it :*)

  48. those days were truly great i and my both the elder bros used to watch it together we even got ample of JUST MOHABBAT & HIP HIP HURRAY and still while wacthing it we all still love it :*) they should put on these shows again pleassssssseeeee!!!:*)

  49. mate, really .. Hip Hip Hurray!! (Wednesdays at 8:) on Sony) was just awesome ..I am searching for its episodes …do you reckon where can I find them …

    1. hey guys just go to’ rajshri.com hip hip hurray episodes’ type like this in google and then after searching in that you will get a quotation as hip hip hurray view forum completed and click on that you will get all the episodes shashank its awesome to see them all back i luv rafeys character in that hip hip rocks and i m the biggest fan of it

  50. Aaj humara hai, kal apna..
    Koi maane ya na maane..
    Apni hasti hai, masti ke hasee taranein..
    Hip hip hurray!!
    Bachpan hai beet gaya kab ka, hai duur jawani ab bhi..
    Kuch khatti si kuch meethi si hai alag kahani sabki..
    Hum sab ke dukh, sab ki khushiya, mil kar ek rang banati hai..
    Iss rang mein rang ke hum sab ek rang ho jaate hai..
    Himmat aisi ki aasma chu jaate hai!!
    Hip Hip Hurray!! !!

    I’m missin those day like hell!! 😦

  51. one of the best serial i ever watched this serial is a unique i was at 3rd grade when this serial is aired i also watched just mohhabat saloni,shaktimaan,and zee tv,s rishte…..i just miss it

  52. hi rahul, this is mehul from HHH.. meera’s character was replaced couple of times..
    first it was bhumika chawla in the pilot episode.. then preeti and then eventually nauheed.. and also prisita’s..
    the reason was they had other commitments..
    i have uploaded loads of facts about HHH on orkut.. behiind the scenes and lot of stuff.. u can read more there.. cheers..!

  53. hi all
    this is mehul.. from hHH.. it really feels grt to know that u guys still remember the show..
    thx to nupur for creating the magic…
    i have uploaded loads of facts about HHH on orkut.. behiind the scenes and lot of stuff..
    also on facebook, there is a HHH page where i have uploaded lot of pictures and the pictures of our reunion..
    cant access the episodes.. they were on rajshri.com.. but they have taken them down now..
    we will figure out a way to get them online..

    1. Hey Mehul!!! Nice to read your post as always… And me too among the crowd is a die hard fan of Hip Hip Hurray… Can you please figure it out from where can we get all the episodes of the series.. Even i wonder why till now the distributors have not come out with the official DVDs… I am waiting for that moment to happen and grab all you guys and my memories of similar school days for a lifetime…

      Mehul!!! It was just a thought came in my mind while watching one of the episode on youtube. Why dont you guys plan with nupur and try for reunion kinda movie??? Surely, if that happens, it will be a fun to watch….

    2. Wow Mehul Sir,
      So Glad to see comments from you, I am fond of your character and loved the show. I am so missing my childhood days so much. Thanks alot to give us 90’s kids everlasting memories.
      How is everyone else? Are you in touch with anyone else from the show.
      Lots of love…. Saaransh Jain

  54. Hey guys. Here’s a good news for all HIP HIP HURRAY die hard fans. After searching hhh episodes for 2 years i finally got all full hhh episodes. And i cried while watching them again and again. For me hhh was/is/will be the best show ever on indian television. Anyone interested in getting hhh episodes? Just contact me at ‘chris.arora.ss@gmail.com’

  55. aaj hamara kal apna koi mane ya na mane apni hasti hai masti ke hasi tarane.. hip hip hurray.
    Chris arora i send an email at chris.arora.ss@gmail.com Hope u will give me hhh episodes n reply soon buddy.
    For mona cyrus john mehul prishita bella raghav rafae alisha nupur n all u guyz, i just wanted to say ‘I LOVE YOU’ from the bottom of my heart n thank u for creating the magic onscreen. I know i never meet u guyz n not even talk to you in my life but you all will remain in my heart till i die. I wish you guys will achieve great success in life. For me you all r rockstars n u all r bigger than khans trio. Chris arora plz reply soon n give me all hhh episodes. HHH team – loads of love as always.

  56. Hi, this is vasant prabhu again,
    hip hip hurray
    monday to friday
    at 9:30pm on 9x
    sat & sun[repeat of thur & fri episode]
    at 8pm!
    Episode currently going on is 19th as on 6 jan 2012
    nt sure
    but i am damm sure about the time…!
    So all of you, make sure you watch it…

  57. i used to watch hip hip hurray wid mah sis,,i live in canada luckily i found a site where i can watch dah show but its not working in canada

  58. Aaj hamara kal apna koi mane ya na mane…
    Apni Hasti hai Masti ke Hassi Taraane..Hip Hip Hurray..
    Himmat Aisi K Aasma Chhoo Jaate Hain..Hip Hip Hurray..

    m a big fan of zee tv serials since 1994..its a superhit serial of dat time and of course my super favr8 too..very sweet memories of that time r still in my mind..that was a golden period of indian television history..salute to Zee Tv..

  59. Hey! I just wanted to ask if you ever have any issues with hackers?
    My last blog (wordpress) was hacked and I ended up losing months of hard work
    due to no data backup. Do you have any solutions to stop hackers?

  60. Hey HHH is pretty cool. I rem my sister being addicted to it when I ws small… Now I watch HHH on video.india.com… Im on 30 Epi now.

  61. Aaj hamara kal apna
    koi mane ya naa mane
    apni hasti hai hasti me masti karale
    hip hip hurraayy
    bachpn hai ke gaya kab ka hai cool jawani
    abbhi kuch khatti si kuch mithi si hai alag kahani sabki
    ham sabki dhun sabki khushiya milkar hi dhoon banate hai…
    Hum sabki rango me sajidman ho jate hai..
    Himmat aisi k aasma chhoon jate hai…
    Hip hip huraaay..

  62. in 1998 when HIP HIP HURRAY was aired, i didn’t saw it . maybe had seen some of it’s initial episode but i didn’t remember the exact series. two years back when i was surfing Youtube i accidently came across the show. on seeing it i recollected all the memories of my childhood.i really love HIP HIP HURRAY
    everything is good about it,the cast,their acting,the story and after each story a thought provoking message. btw everybody talked about HIP HIP HURRAY but nobody talked about THE LEGEND OF THE HIDDEN TEMPlE or GLOBAL GUTS????? They were also good. even ZEE HORROR SHOW was also ok

    But according to me SONY was a better TV channel. it had numerous entertaining shows like the old CID(now which has become quite boring). FAMILY NO.1, AAHAT. i even liked CATS(indian version of charlie’s angel) and also small wonders(don’t know whether it was aired on SONY or STAR PLUS) .
    But have to say JUST MOHABBAT was the best of them all. i remember it watching it with my brother. i even remeber one episode where, i don”t know whether it was jay’s father or desmond, had cut rope of the “jhula” where their father used to rest after eating(who also used to do the ‘qulla’ in his mouth after eating. it was really hilarious, anybody remember this episode????
    o god I miss those days : / ;(
    these shows reminds of 90’s, my child hood or rather my WONDER YEARS

  63. Glad to see people loved that show… I am one of the biggest fans of Hip Hip Hurray… Nupur Asthana is a marvellous person creator and director. Wow what a show it was… the best Indian serial for youngsters of our times. I am 26 years old, I just watched the complete series on youtube. I live in America and usually watch all american series but I could proudly say this show was truly amazing. I wish all of the characters could come and again make another show. I could see a comment from Nupur Asthana in this blog. Mam thanks for making that show and making our childhood days so special.

  64. Hey!!!
    Anybody havin Links of Episodes 22,23,79 & Season 2 of Hip Hip Hurray.
    I hvn’t seen these episodes & vry mch eager 2 Watch dem.
    Plz ny 1 do Me d Favour n Upload d abv mntnd Episodes.
    Mail Me on-

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