I guess in these days tv is the source of entertainment which has got the widest base in the Indian Junta .. You can easily see by considering the billions and zillions spent on tv advertisements every year. The idiot box as it was termed by the someone whom i neither know nor have the intention of knowing.. coz its not certainly the idiot box… sure its responsible for spoiling many young bright kids and curb their imagination and blah and blah and blah but whatever who cares …Its the best form of entertainment available to ppl staying at home and can’t get out and have their share if fun… :)

Recently i have been into watching that 70′s show and i was just giving a thought to the quality of tv shows we get in India that can cater to the choices of us young ppl. Sure we have a lot of soaps on the tv courtesy our dear Ms. Ekta Kapoor God can somebody tell her to chill out… I just hate her shows!!!(Well.. who doesnt).. I agree that there are good shows , good comedy shows but they are targeted at the general crowd there is nothing which can just cater to us growing kids or a bit grown ups…

Thinking of such shows i can just think of a handful ok ones..if u leave out shaktiman and all the stuff like that .. and i can come to the conclusion that there was only one show which could appeal to the feelings of ppl my age or the general term can be Youngsters and very few ppl would disagree with me if i say that HIP HIP HURRAY was THE SHOW which was made for ppl of our age group and we could connect… I can still recall many episodes of the show though it must be about 6-7 years when i last saw it… and i can say for sure that i was real fond of it without any doubts…it was just THE show.. they portrayed the school life in such a good way and it seemed so real and life like… One good thing was that 25 yr old ppl werent playing the roles of 12 th class students. I was a tad too young for a few of the things in the show but even then i used to enjoy it… One thing for sure which i would have liked to be incorporated in my school was the length of the skirts the girls in Hip Hip Hurray used to wear …the girls were just too sexy but it was tv after all ;)

One god thing about the show was that it almost always had a moral in the end for ppl to take heed to..not as if i ever paid attention to the moral..I can still remember the episode about a cricket match when the captain of their cricket team (Think it was raghav ..????) admitted to not taking a catch clean when the umpire had declared the batsman out and i (along with their team) couldnt have been more angry at him but the talk that he gave after the match when they were sitting at an eating place was sumthing kool..i remember it but dont feel like writing it here

Who can forget the characters of John, Raghav, Cyrus and Mona and a lot of names which i just cant seem to remember now. I can just say that this show is embedded somewhere deep in the memories of my growing up. Now i just cant think of reasons how a public who can make melodramatic shows like Kyunki and kahani and blah blah blah super duper hits could have accepted a true to life show like Hip Hip Hurray… It was such a good description of the teenage life and the last years of school life a memory which evryone cherishes whole life………

Part II of Hip Hip Hurray was also started with all the guys in college but it was nowhere near the standards set up by the first part and was rejected by the junta. Another show which i used to like a bit was JUST MOHABBAT it was an okayish sort of show…Nowadays we have REMIX running on tv(hell i dont know if its running even now… but who cares) and after watching a few episodes of it.. it also resembles the saas-bahu serials we have these days…back biting,complicated story plots and to top that glamorous moms…crap One thing i just hate about that show is that Tia talking about herself in third person..gosh this suxxxx…cant u be more real while making shows…

How i would die to have the episodes of that show on my laptop as we have them of so many shows…. It would just be so great
Aaj Humara, Kal Apna
Koi mane ya na mane
Apni to hasti hai..

PS1:- Holidays coming to an end..enjoyed them with that 70′s show and still enjoying…
PS2:- Feeling so hungry right now at 6:43 am damn the canteen it closes even before 2:00 am
PS3:- Had set out writing out various shows but just ended writing about Hip hip hurray had to change the title too from blah blah abt TV to HIP HIP Hurray!!!

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