3 Cheers to IIIT administration

In past we have suffered many times at the hands of IIIT administration like having to stay double in a room meant for single occupancy and that too for 2 years coz the hostel which was supposed to be built last year hasnt even been completed this year…

Then there was Jeevan Vidya being made compulsory for us…agreed it might have been a useful experience for some but i for my part gained nothing out of it save the realisation that ‘Expectations are the root cause of misery’ and come on how can you expect someone who is forced to sit upright for some 6-7 hrs and made to listen to something being told by someone in which you are least bit interested i am not saying that JV is bad..but give it to the people who want it and dont force it otherwise it loses its meaning. I still remember the frustration we got into during the course of organisation of Felicity well those are long stories…

Now the latest in the series, we were thrown aback by the announcement which our Director. Prof.Sangal did in the class today…..

Evrybody in this damn college knows about the IJCAI COnference for the last 6 months and i guss all the faculty and everybody must have known about tha Alamnac also for about 6 months atleast. Then the fateful day of 7th dec we had a class of AI, the one subject which i have taken a special liking this sem… Very rarely do i take interest in studies but the Prof. Sangal’s teaching had got me hooked. Coming to the main point, today prof came to the class and started telling us about IJCAI and then he gave us a good news that the tutorials will cost 150 bucks for us which cost 4k for other ppl and i was rueing my luck for not being able to attend the conference and was thinking that somehow the holidays could be shifte dor something like that but then he uttered those horrible words …he said the bad news is that the conference is compulsory for you people come that moment uncountable obscenities (whatevr be the spelling) came out of my mouth and i just started hating the whole concept of the conference which i was dying to attend coz we are forcefully being stopped from going home due to this conference.

Now coming to the point why am i blaming the administration for it…I am dying this coz teh faculty has for eons known both the dates of the conference and the date of holidays so couldnt they have changed the date of holidays so that they wouldnt have clashed with the conference then ppl like me would not have been coaxed to attend the conference but would have happily attended it but no planning and we..Are you joking??? This is one aspect of IIIT which makes it hell . Otherwise i love the college but these type of incidents keep occuring and i just cant have faith in the administration.

In the end i just hope that next year we get single accomodation….

PS1:- Saw American Pie 5 today and Stiflers Rock…
PS2:- Going for the batch trip tom.. its gonna be loads of fun….(One good thing done by administration ..they are giving money for batch trip without any hassles)
PS3:- Three cheers to the new blogger on the scene(well actually one post old) ..mavellous post..Deepti

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8 thoughts on “3 Cheers to IIIT administration

  1. every bit of wat u hav written is write
    n if i was a [good] blogger this would hav been the first thing that i wud hav done
    nice post in the sense that we need to raise such issue this way or sum other way ….
    y shud we b forced to do smthing n dat too at such a cost ….
    when will they understand …

  2. No need to attend IJCAI. You would not understand even a bit of it because those are not trivial and simple to understand concepts.

    Do you need balls to speak up. Have you lost your mind on the ways to argue. If you do not go to your home then you would not be able to do well in the next semester. You need a break. Think of any stupid argument and fuck it on the face of sangal. This is what sangal do to you. You can even ask him to pay for your stay in IIIT during IJCAI because you do not have enough money etc. Ask him to give concession in attendance rule so that you can go home during the semester. You can even go for a mass bunk if he does not agree.

  3. @ Maruti : well i had to :)\
    @ Deepti :Ya agred things go that way but trying to bring some chnage
    @ Shrikant: Thanx 🙂
    @ Abbulu: Ya 😦 but should we resign to the fact ??
    @ Senior : I guess you are right…i dont think he will give any concessions in attendance rule or things like that but we will go home for sure…
    @ Abd: The conference is in HITEX but before that there are tutorials which are in IIIT/Infosys and we are required to attend them .. 😦
    @ Karan: Guess you are right… waise bhi who cares whther we will understand or not main thing is we have to go back home…

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